Stanford Uses Virtual Reality To Make Its Heisman Pitch For Christian McCaffrey

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Whether you’re a sports fan or not, it’s tough not removing vehement around play deteriorate in college football. More sparkling than that is examination all of a teams pull their possess possibilities for a Heisman Trophy, given out to this year’s best NCAA football player.

Stanford, as techie as they get, motionless to take their representation for everyman Christian McCaffrey into practical reality:

A groundbreaking new 360° video knowledge for fans, media and Heisman voters, presenting Christian McCaffrey by practical reality. Watch this over and over, perplexing both mobile desktop experiences. Mobile is special, so lean and stagger divided (making certain your Facebook app is updated). #OnlyAtStanford #WildCaff

This is only a many new sports group to take advantage of Facebook’s 360-degree video experience, and fans are removing into it. The video has 4,541 views in a past integrate of days and is being common all over Facebook.

As I’ve mentioned before, moments like these are what’s offered mainstream consumers on a guarantee of VR. Flashy diversion announcements and new rigging is good and all, though unchanging folks wish to know what’s possible. And yes, 360-degree video isn’t accurately “virtual reality,” though again, it’s one step closer to removing people to consider about calm in a opposite way.

An immersive approach that isn’t firm to 4 corners on a screen.