Startup India: Entrepreneurship is an addiction; it is all about formulating value

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By Prafulla Mathur

startupindialogostartupindialogoThe tenure ‘Entrepreneur’ wasn’t always as cold as it is today. When we quit my pursuit in a United Kingdom, people around me frowned on my choice of returning to India to ‘Start-up.’ It took people really prolonged to digest a fact that someone could leave a high profitable ubiquitous purpose to start a association in India from scratch.



As a immature engineering student, we always hoped to build things. we always dreamt of building need-based products that would make lives of people convenient, assistance them save income and hence, emanate value. Alongside of operative towards fulfilling my engineering aspirations, we also played song professionally. we played solo and was also a lead vocalist and guitarist in a rope called Bronze and I’ve played during some renouned bars, clubs and colleges in London, Delhi, Bombay and Jaipur. My dream to build a product that total a energy of record and song forced me to leave my job.

In 2010, when Android and iPhones weren’t scarcely as renouned as they are today, we built a product that could tide song calm on Java devices. The product was called Zephyr – The Indian Rock Music Hub, and we called my start adult “Queppelin” desirous by a name of dual of my favorite Rock Music bands, Queen and Led Zeppelin. The product saw 26,000 installs in reduction than 2 weeks, a attainment unthinkable in 2010. Oracle, a owners of a Java height motionless to showcase a record during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2011. Queppelin also went on to win a Red Herring Award alongside Snapdeal in 2011. Queppelin is now a heading association in a space and has built some of a many renouned products in Indian Mobile internet story with clients including Gaana, Reliance BigFlix, Facebook and many more.

Queppelin gave me some of a deepest learnings both as an businessman and a professional. It taught me a energy of persistence. Many times, as an entrepreneur, we wish to grasp all your goals in one day that eventually leads to a tumble of a business. It is critical to give any investment; financial or non-monetary time before we start awaiting radical results. Another good training that we drew being a CEO and Founder of Queppelin was that it’s critical to make your group feel as sexually about your association as we do. No amounts of income and designations can ever reinstate a feeling of tenure that a chairman has towards his/her company.

Post building Queppelin as a tolerable business, we motionless to try opportunities for subsequent entrepreneurial project. Having trafficked a length and extent of India and abroad, we was confounded during a trashy condition of unbranded hotels in India and how miserably they compared to likewise labelled hotels in Europe. The final spike on a coffin was when we trafficked to Banaras for my Aunt’s final rights. In a totally stressed state of mind, we was forced to find myself a decent hotel to stay. After a few hours and vast hotel visits, we finally found a bearable accommodation. This believe gave me a suspicion to start WudStay, an online marketplace for unbranded standardised hotels. The tender was to build a vast sequence of hotels that focused on ensuring high peculiarity accommodation irrespective of a customer’s budget.

While, building record was my strength, it was critical to accumulate believe and genuine insights into build high peculiarity liberality startup. we motionless to leave my residence and spend months vital in unbranded hotels and regulating my personal veteran network to know a simple nuances of liberality and a ubiquitous user’s needs while selecting a hotel. we was advantageous to have built clever relations with Institutional Investors during my times as Founder and CEO of Queppelin. Similie Ventures, a VC Luxembourg formed Venture Capital Fund invested a seed account even before a website was live. With dual cities, Jaipur and Gurgaon, WudStay was launched. Today, WudStay has partnerships with over 450 hotels in 45+ cities in India. Backed by Mangrove Capital Partners and Vikas Saxena for USD 3 Million, we continue to scale a operations while gripping a tighten eye on a design of being a ‘Gold Standard of Quality in a Unorganized Hotel Space.’

Entrepreneurship is an addiction. It goes distant over a enterprise to ‘Be One’s Own Boss.’ For me, it has always been about formulating tolerable value that brings preference to a lives of users. we have always believed that companies are distant bigger than only money. While, we was in a United Kingdom operative with some of a best smarts in a business, we was assured that being an worker would never concede me to build something new. My many lustful memories of that time are when me and my friends would get together and make music. we have always been desirous by a suspicion of creation new things. Entrepreneurship for me is about mutation and doing things that haven’t been finished before.

The author is owner WudStay, an online marketplace for unbranded standardised hotels