Startup ScoutMyTrip helps we devise your highway transport and also make hotel bookings

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How many times has a traveller spent time on a outing not meaningful of little-known spots of seductiveness or treks that could be undertaken to span a mark some-more intimately? A startup, ScoutMyTrip aims to assistance a wanderlust traveller with nuggets of information that is customarily famous to locals in a area. It will also emanate a product tailored for transport enthusiasts, if they wish one. The beta chronicle launched recently will capacitate a traveler to devise a highway outing between any dual points opposite India.

You can also devise your halts on your journey, mixed routes to a same place, engaging places – a site has over 10,000 of them, hotels by Agoda and It also takes caring of a nitty gritties that any traveler is astonished with – gas stations and toilets along a way. It also has transport skeleton that travelers have selected and we could follow on that route as well. It has already found 2,000 users and over 600 trips have been combined by transport enthusiasts by a platform.

Post a beta-version, ScoutMyTrip will supplement a village of highway outing experts who can assistance with tips, suggestions and a like.

Deepak Ananth (left) and Vineet Rajan, co-founders, ScoutMyTripDeepak Ananth (left) and Vineet Rajan, co-founders, ScoutMyTrip

Deepak Ananth (left) and Vineet Rajan, co-founders, ScoutMyTrip

Founded by dual Mumbai-based zealous travelers — Deepak Ananth (39) and Vineet Rajan (32), who met know any other by their adore for going on rides on their Royal Enfield bikes and cars traversing a nation – a roadtrip planner startup was launched in Oct 2016. Ananth worked in a remuneration space progressing while Rajan has co-founded Indieblogger that he has exited. “We adore travelling,” says Ananth, co-founder and CEO, citing a reason for first a startup. “We wish to share a knowledge with transport enthusiasts like us and hence ScoutMyTrip.” That is a reason a twin motionless to assistance people with hotels, too. “ScoutMyTrip is fundamentally an information portal that creates transport easy and permitted for anyone,” says Ananth.

The business indication is multi-fold, says Ananth. Every time a traveler books a hotel by a site, a site gets a commission. The association skeleton to bond travelers with people who wish to transport on any sold vehicle. It also will promote customized debate packages. Since it is a community-driven site, there are pools of internal village in any area of transport that can also be reached out to for suggestions and tips.

ScoutMyTrip was selected amongst a tip 13 start-ups in India by Z Nation Labs, a Silicon Valley instituted accelerator module for a boot-camp joining them with a best in a start-up and financier village globally.

The twin explain that they are competitors in a space yet nothing of them have a `community’ module like they do that they cruise to be their USP. “We have a database of 12,000 points of seductiveness in a nation trimming from birthright spots to pleasing treks, places of ceremony and many other engaging spots that many people do not visit or try on a trip.” ScoutMyTrip is now articulate to angels and wish to get on house experts on any aspect of travel.

According to HolidayIQ, 60 percent of all holidays are highway trips, a zone that ScoutMyTrip wants to make a disproportion with their product offering. According to a Ministry of Tourism, a holiday marketplace for highway outing is around $136 billion. ScoutMyTrip has a eye on a share of $8 billion. “We take this guess deliberately for ourselves as yet there are 3 other players on a highway outing segment, we are forward of them in terms of an overdo that is organic and a participation on amicable media, a vast village bottom opposite India and that we do not do curated transport or specialize in usually one shred in a segment like they do.”

First Published On : Jan 6, 2017 17:04 IST