Still Think Pit Bulls Are Nasty Dogs? This Adorable Video Will Change Your Mind.

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If you’re a mom who had a dog before removing pregnant, we might have beheld your puppy behaving differently during a time. For example, maybe he became some-more gentle, cuddly, or protecting around you.

Many moms remember their dogs intuiting there was a new life flourishing inside them, infrequently even before they knew themselves — and Bando a array longhorn is no exception. His owner, Kiana, is awaiting a baby boy, and it’s transparent a honeyed puppy loves him only as most she does.

Watch a changed impulse Bando snuggles with his mom while gripping a duke on her baby bump.

(via Daily Mail)

Isn’t he a cutest? Something tells me Bando and his new tellurian hermit will turn a best of friends.