Stretch Your Appeal: In Fast-Paced Dating World, Take Up Space to Stand Out

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In online dating, a design is value many some-more than a thousand words. When Christian Rudder, a owner of OKCupid, analyzed a dating website’s data, he found that form photos gathering 90% of users’ choices. With so many roving on a split-second impression, what’s a best approach to stir potential mates?


Apparently, changing your posture. A new investigate led by a researcher from a UC Berkeley Haas School of Business found that, during brief encounters, group and women who widespread out their arms, stretched their torsos and took adult some-more space were some-more expected to attract dates.

The study, published Monday in a Proceedings of a National Academy of Sciences, celebrated that participants in a speed-dating eventuality were some-more expected to ask dates with partners that done expanded gestures during their four-minute meeting. These gestures were improved during presaging either someone got a “yes” than other certain physique language, such as smiling or nodding. Similarly, people flipping by photos in a renouned dating app were many some-more expected to name those with open postures.

Expansive postures are so appealing since they send a transparent signal, according to Tanya Vacharkulksemsuk, who led a investigate as a post-doctoral investigate fellow: “Hey, I’m socially dominant, we have high amicable standing, we have entrance to resources.”

Research has shown that animals maximize a space they occupy to prove their amicable status. Some, such as peacocks fanning their feathers or chimpanzees flailing their arms, use expanded postures to attract a mate.

Humans are some-more subtle, though Vacharkulksemsuk says a open gestures also pronounce of being widespread and carrying resources, either that’s income or a clever amicable network. Dominance is appealing since a pairing can assistance urge your lifespan and your offspring’s success, a researchers speculate.

Body denunciation has always been pivotal to romance, and researchers have related smiling, shouting and disposition brazen to feelings of alliance and adore among partners. Less is famous about what cues matter many in a dating landscape that has totally remade in new decades. Just 15 years after a initial online dating service,, launched in 1995, scarcely a entertain of Americans were assembly their friends over a Internet. According to a Pew Research Centerreport from 2013, scarcely 40 percent of Americans who were “single and looking” had attempted online dating.

Little information exists on a purpose of physique denunciation in rapid-fire judgments after encounters that final usually seconds or minutes. Yet nonverbal signs are some-more critical when other information is limited.

“Courtship traditionally took place over weeks, months or years. This is a whole new world, and there are a lot of unknowns about what processes are going on and how people are feeling,”  Vacharkulksemsuk says.

The commentary have implications over romance. “The captivate to dominant, resource-rich people depends on a grade of independence in a relationship,” she says. So open postures might matter reduction when employing a plumber, though some-more when looking for a babysitter or business partner.

The formula usually indicate to what predicts initial attraction, not durability relationships. The researchers also contend there are expected many other ways—from nonverbal signs to wardrobe and accessories‑that people can use to boost their appeal.

And don’t start “manspreading” usually yet. The investigate looked during a effects of stretching out a arms and torso, not a legs. “That’s still an open experimental question,” Vacharkulksemsuk says.

Source: UC Berkeley