Study Reveals Importance of Food Labels in Fight Against Diabetes

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The mostly abandoned or misunderstood labels that, as compulsory by law, yield nutritive information on all food wrapping competence reason a pivotal to shortening a disastrous consequences of diabetes in underserved populations, a new Yale School of Public Health investigate has found.

Image credit: Dreamstime

Image credit: Dreamstime

In a paper published in a American Journal of Public Health, Grace Kollannoor-Samuel, M.D., M.S., a Ph.D. tyro during a School of Public Health, found that Latinos with diabetes who perceived superintendence from village health workers on how to emporium for groceries according to a nutritive information on food labels were some-more expected to continue that use over time. The investigate found that about 15 percent of a sum protecting outcome of this involvement opposite high blood glucose levels could be attributed to softened dietary peculiarity as a outcome of food tag use. Type-2 diabetes is reaching widespread proportions in a United States, and there are high rates of a illness among Latinos, a race with singular entrance to health care.

“This randomized tranquil investigate is a initial ever published display a vital purpose that food tag preparation plays during assisting low-income people in a United States conduct their form 2 diabetes,” pronounced Professor Rafael Pérez-Escamilla, Ph.D., a co-author of a study.

Kollannoor-Samuel pronounced that village health workers are pivotal to a success of this tactic for improving diabetes self-management in underserved populations. “[They] can interpret general health-related recommendations given in doctor’s offices into simpler, easy to follow, useful nonetheless culturally supportive health-messages,” she said. “In a trial, village health workers were means to yield effective culturally-sensitive hands-on food tag preparation in home and grocery store settings. This competence be really applicable in a village such as a investigate race who humour from poignant health disparities. “

Kollannoor-Samuel conducted this investigate as partial of her Ph.D. thesis during a School of Public Health, where she expects to accept her grade this spring. She collaborated on this study, that was one of 4 enclosed in her dissertation, with Pérez-Escamilla, her mentor, and Fatma Shebl, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., an partner highbrow during a School of Public Health. “Dr. Pérez-Escamilla is a best coach a Ph.D. tyro can ask for,” she said. “And Dr. Shebl’s statistical comprehension and superintendence were essential in a execution of my dissertation.”

After graduation, Kollannoor-Samuel skeleton to enhance her investigate on food labels to embody other populations with or but ongoing diseases. She also would like to try a protecting effects of food tag use on diabetes occurrence or glucose control, and how it’s mutated by factors such as quick food or soda consumption.

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Source: Yale University