Study shows how severe microparticles can means large problems

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New investigate from North Carolina State University, MIT and a University of Michigan finds that a aspect hardness of microparticles in a glass cessation can means inner attrition that significantly alters a suspension’s flexibility – effectively creation a glass thicker or thinner. The anticipating can assistance residence problems for companies in fields from biopharmaceuticals to chemical manufacturing.

“We listened about problems companies were carrying with pumping suspensions and became extraordinary about what was causing these problems,” says Lilian Hsiao, an partner highbrow of chemical and biomolecular engineering during NC State and lead author of a paper on a work. “Given a ubiquity of these forms of fluids in a industry, we were astounded that no one had evenly looked during a purpose of aspect harshness before. That turns out to be a unequivocally critical means in how these particle-laden fluids flow.”

The tip row is a array of scanning nucleus micrographs for particles trimming from well-spoken to rough. The bottom row is a array of atomic force micrographs display a 3D topography of these particles, again trimming from well-spoken to rough, to denote a endless characterization of their surfaces.

Using a multiple of simulations and laboratory experiments, a researchers found that what was negligence down a suspensions was friction. Specifically, a attrition becomes poignant when adequate particles dangling in a glass strike into any other. And a rougher a aspect of a particles, a some-more attrition they beget when they come into contact.

“It takes appetite to siphon a glass cessation by a siren or tube, and a attrition combined by communication between particles dissipates a lot of that energy,” Hsiao says. “This abolition slows down a transformation of a cessation or, if a particles are really rough, can even stop it completely.” A video demonstrating a disproportion between suspensions with severe particles and suspensions with well-spoken particles can be found at

This discernment gives industries a integrate of options: They can revoke attrition by engineering a particles to have smoother surfaces, or they can boost a volume of appetite clinging to relocating a cessation by a pipe.

However, a researchers also found that adding appetite to a cessation that contains severe particles can also means a cessation to expand. This is since severe particles simply take adult some-more space than well-spoken ones when acrobatics in suspension. The finish outcome is that putting some-more shear highlight into a complement can means inauspicious clogging if a cessation expands too much.

“This is a elemental allege in a bargain of a production of suspensions in flow, and should assistance engineers and scientists residence a production hurdles that held a courtesy in a initial place,” Hsiao says.

“We’re now looking during ways to use a beliefs we detected here to make a attrition work in a favor.”

Source: NSF, North Carolina State University

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