Stunning Ontario Beaches To Visit This Summer

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During a winter months, it’s intensely common for Canadians to conduct south of a roomer to bask in white silt and tainted sea. However, when summer rolls around in a True North, us Canucks are also treated to fever and 30 grade weather. One approach many to applaud this deteriorate is by spending a day or dual during a beach. While not versed with tiki bars or palm trees like many pleasant destinations, Ontario beaches are a possess backyard oasis. From a shores of Lake Huron to a seashore of Lake Erie, there are a series of sandy beaches that usually prove your middle beach bum. 

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Grand Bend

Spanning 66 kilometres on Lake Huron’s shoreline, Grand Bend boasts 20 opposite beach areas. Located approximately dual and a half hours easterly of Toronto, it has gained a repute for being a renouned summer nightlife destination. With copiousness of internal patios, bars and restaurants, visitors can relax during a day and continue merrymaking good into a night.

Cobourg Beach

Only a brief expostulate off of a 401, Cobourg Beach is ideal for city dwellers looking for a day outing divided from a 6ix. The beach stretches along Lake Ontario and facilities a boardwalk ideal for those regretful summer strolls. It’s vicinity to a city of Cobourg concede visitors to knowledge a internal history, enlightenment and dining of a area.

Sauble Beach

Arguably one of a improved famous beaches in Ontario, Sauble Beach is found in Bruce County off a shores of Lake Huron. The categorical travel is lined with internal shops and restaurants, including a new outside marketplace slated to open late June. It’s a renouned end for fishers, as there are daily tours to The Fishing Islands, a organisation of over 70 dolomite islands in Lake Huron.

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Sandbanks Provincial Park

Located in Prince Edward County, Sandbanks Provincial Park facilities 3 widespread beaches. Outlet Beach, that is found along a seashore of Lake Ontario, is a renouned mark for families since of a shoal waters and peaceful dump off. Sandbanks also boasts a world’s largest baymouth separator dune formation. Since a beach is located within a park, it’s ideal for those looking to try walking trails, dunes and wetland habitats in a area.

Turkey Point

Turkey Point is a beachfront village along a shores of Lake Erie. The beach itself is located within Turkey Point Provincial Park. It stretches over dual kilometres and is a favourite among families with immature children. Because of a shoal waters it is pronounced to have some of a warmest waters. The park is also a usually provincial park to underline a golf course, for those who’d cite to play a few rounds.