Stunning Wedding Venues in Toronto

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One of a biggest decisions a integrate creates when formulation a marriage is selecting a venue. With so many opposite kinds of venues out there, such as normal party halls and art galleries, it can be formidable to select a ideal mark for your wedding. Whether we are hosting a grand accepting with hundreds of guest or celebrating your commitment with an insinuate round of tighten friends and family, Toronto offers a series of spousal venues. We have curated a few internal spots that only might make we feel beholden for skipping that end wedding, and toll in a vast day tighten to home. 

Art Gallery of Ontario: For art lovers, a AGO might be generally enticing. Rich with art and singular architectural design, a AGO offers a series of spaces to horde your special day. Walker Court, in particular, sits in a heart of a AGO with vast archways, a turn staircase and a potion ceiling. At 4,000 block feet, it claims to accommodate adult to 450 guests, and 120 during a seated dinner. The space can be rented alongside any of a others that a AGO offers.  

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Graydon Manor Hall: Built for Toronto banker Rupert Bain in 1936, Graydon Manor Hall was, as Bain said, a “sportsman’s paradise”. Thirteen years ago it was revamped and non-stop as an eventuality space.  The venue gymnasium is ideal for those who are looking for a lifelike garden wedding. The landscaping, mill terraces and fountains are suggestive of English gardens. Venue rentals embody entrance to a library, a dining room and conservatory.

The King Edward Hotel: With a reopening of their century-old Crystal Ballroom this year, a King Edward Hotel might be a pleasing venue for a fairytale wedding. The Vanity Fair Ballroom, another renouned room of a hotel, boasts bullion curtains, teardrop chandeliers, and faux-marble pillars. For those looking to emanate a lush setting, The King Edward Hotel only might fit your tastes. 

Liberty Grand: Couples with vast families will be gratified to know a Liberty Grand specializes in vast ballrooms. Located on a Lake Shore, a venue is desirous by Beau Arts and early 1900s decor. With a sum of 3 ballrooms and one open judgment room, a Liberty Grand facilities 27 feet ceilings, clear chandeliers and arched windows. Decorated with excellent alien duration furnishings, pretentious domes and columns, a venue oozes both story and elegance.

Distillery District Fermenting Cellar: Built in 1859, a Fermenting Cellar belonged to a Gooderham and Worts Distillery. Since afterwards it has been remade into a singular venue. Couples looking for an industrial stylish vibe will conclude a complicated joist lamp and limestone walls. It is small-scale in comparison to a other venues in a city, though is ideal for those looking for a some-more tighten weave setting.