Summer Solstice in Paradise and Weird Places

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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is distinguished in places such as Stonehenge, Santa Barbara, California (a bliss destination) and in many uncanny places. There were 23,000 people who attended a jubilee of solstice and observation of a morning this year during Stonehenge, 80 miles southwest of London. New-age participants danced, achieved yoga, kissed a stones, some befuddled themselves, enjoyed a drums, a leisure and a jubilee of a longest day of a year.

Summer Solstice

Summer SolsticeSanta Barbara in a Californian executive coast celebrates Summer Solstice as one of a dual largest events during a summer. The initial of these is Fiestas Rancheras a three-day jubilee of a town’s Spanish heritage. Summer Solstice is a largest one day jubilee hosting over 100,000 visitors. In credentials for this festival, a village seminar is open all year-long where artists emanate floats for a march that rolls by State Street, Santa Barbara’s categorical avenue. The march facilities a lot of colors, creativity, paper mache, and fun contraptions. The jubilee to a layman is an forgive to have fun, kick-off a summer celebration, move out a H2O guns, balloons, and super soakers.

Solstice, as a locals call it, is an supposed day for silliness, feverishness and fun. Similar to Santa Claus finale any parade, a inflatable fiery globe with dancing organisation and women tighten out any of Santa Barbara’s Solstice parade. During a history, it has not all been youthful fun and games, however. This furious jubilee reason in high Santa Barbara temperatures gave approach to occasional nakedness that became some-more visit until complaints reached a required preference makers, who afterwards criminialized nakedness from destiny parades. Although there is no nakedness allowed, there are copiousness of performers that belong to a slightest sufficient definition of wardrobe to make it onto a march route, that culminates in a village jubilee in Alameda Park.

Summer Solstice

Summer SolsticeIn further to California’s paradise, another uncanny place for a fun Summer Solstice jubilee is Fremont in Seattle. The jubilee lasts a whole weekend and includes song stages, drink gardens, food trucks, a qualification marketplace with over 300 vendors and, of course, two parades. The initial march is colorful and strange, while a second march is a dog march that allows people to wander on arrangement along with their best friend, all dolled-up in Solstice gear. A designed activity of a festival includes yoga, that will start on National Yoga Day.  The vast jubilee will also underline travel performers, magicians, marker artists and other buskers. The biggest disproportion between these and a Santa Barbara festival is that nakedness in mediation is still permitted, as prolonged as it is cramped to a organisation bike ride, Solstice Cyclists, where a butt-painted organisation of some-more than 1,500 rides together, before to a parade, to Gas Works Park where a march track concludes.

Other doubtful or weird places that chuck large-scale Summer Solstice parties, in further to bliss and Fremont, embody Iceland with a three-day festival, Times Square in New York and Ottawa, Canada. What is engaging about any of these celebrations is that they are so vastly different. The Ottawa festival is nothing other than a Summer Solstice Aboriginal Arts festival, that celebrates the National Aboriginal Day. Times Square will horde yoga use from morning to sunset. In a plateau of Tyrol, Austria solstice celebrations run into a night and horde humongous fires. Named after a Slavic enchantress of fertility, Kupala, Poland celebrates a Summer Solstice with revelry, song and flowers. Croatia, Stockholm in Sweden, and Menorca, Spain also reason events of their possess to applaud a longest day of a year with festivals, rituals, and fun.

By Olivia Uribe-Mutal


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Fremont Image Courtesy of Peter Stathakos’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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