Super Shine 5K Raises Funds for Mentoring Programs for Public Schools

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ShineWave City Care (WCC) is hosting their fourth annual “Super” Shine 5K and Glitter Dash 1K, hold Saturday, Jul 8, 2017, during Virginia Wesleyan College in Virginia Beach, Va. This year’s thesis is “SuperHeroes!” The 5K Race starts during 8:00 am and a 1K Fun Run during 9:15 am. Registration for a 5K includes an eventuality t-shirt (early registers only), Finisher’s medal, and refreshments during a finish line! Glitter Dash participants accept a Finisher’s medal. Bring out a whole family for a morning of fun!

Wave City Care is a internal 501(c)(3) non-profit portion a Hampton Roads area given 2002. WCC’s annual Shine5K is some-more than a crawl, travel or run. It is an eventuality to commission a village by a accumulation of internal races combined to lift supports for a organization’s good programs.

ShineGirl, Man POWER, 1Life Mentoring, Jobs for Life Training, Regeneration Recovery Support (Addiction and Recovery program) and Healthy Living Food Distribution are all programs designed to support a lives of adults, youth, and families in a community. WCC also provides internal School Makeovers, Thanksgiving Baskets, and a outrageous Christmas Extravaganza. Wave City Care believes that there is a “SuperHero” in everybody and that we need to commend and implement a “Super Powers” for good in a community.

ShineGIRL and Man POWER are dual singular mentoring programs offering in internal open schools in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA, for girl youth, grades 5 by 12. ShineGIRL, for girls, and Man POWER, for boys are 12-Shineweek mentoring programs offering any fall, spring, and summer with an importance on center propagandize youth. Currently, approximately 80 proffer mentors promote these programs to enthuse and supply girl with skills to learn who they are and wish to become.

ShineGIRL is founded on a grounds that any life counts, has unique value and is filled with purpose. Positive self-respect is critical in a growth of a girl’s healthy celebrity and is a vital pivotal to success in life. The 12-week curriculum covers 3 concepts of self-esteem: Worth, Strength, and Purpose. Girls rise a bargain that they any have something to minister and can SHINE over their potential!

Man POWER, for a boys, uses fun interactive lessons that learn profitable life skills to urge immature men’s knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs towards what it unequivocally means to be a male in today’s society. The 12-week Shinecurriculum focuses on 4 concepts: Real Men, Real Power, Real Influence, and Real Success. Man POWER’s prophesy is to empower, enthuse and enthuse immature group to comprehend their full potential.

Both of these mentoring programs combine with a Virginia Beach and Norfolk School Systems, internal clubs and organizations. The curriculum dares this era to leave a overly trodden trail of sameness and fire brave new trails that will pull any of them to wish to try all of their abilities and fist out any grant they could presumably make for a good of society. It is a formidable challenge, though vital adult to it will means new footprints that are both low adequate for others to follow and rightly aligned to lead them in a right direction. The thesis of any eventuality is:

Every one of us is valuable, no matter what we have been through. Our aberration is something to celebrate! We have been splendidly made! We try a energy of a choices and a energy that a decisions have on moulding a future. This is addressed by discussions about respect, will power, convictions, boundaries, and confidence. We learn a hopes, dreams, and desires. Discussion on potential, talents and idea environment will assistance build a certainty indispensable to live out an brave life.

WCC is improving a lives of people by providing assistance and recovering for a recover of a best in tellurian potential. The goal of this non-profit classification is to equip, empower, and teach a village with simple caring services, educational programs, health and tellurian services including obsession recovery. WCC’s thoroughness centers on assembly a needs of a whole family.

The Super Shine5K is one of WCC’s largest fundraisers that could not be probable though a assistance of several sponsors who have assimilated efforts to assistance build and strengthen a community.  Anyone meddlesome in fasten this group of sponsors or has a enterprise to support a group or particular in a competition can do so during

All participants should arrive early to squeeze face portrayal or “glitter mist down” and be certain to get a raffle sheet for a possibility to win a good prize! Participants will feel empowered as they navigate by a tradition shine march featuring stations focused on “Worth, Strength, and Purpose.” Official timing for a competition will be supposing by JA Racing. After a central run has finished there will be additional family fun including raffle prizes, a live broadcast, and sounds by DJ from 106.9 The Fox.

The Super Shine5K starts on a lane though does not stop there. The deduction of this eventuality will continue to change and raise a peculiarity of life for many in need within a community. Grab some friends and come out and run as a group or make new friends by fasten a team.  Kids AND adults are speedy to let their middle SuperHero out by donning a SuperHero Cape or a glittery ShineGIRL tutu.

The run will be hold on Jul 8, 2017, during Virginia Wesleyan College, located during 5817 Wesleyan Drive, Virginia Beach, Va. 23455. For additional information greatfully revisit, email or call 757-965-8494.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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