Super Sleek Personal Aircraft

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A private aircraft manufacturer Cobalt Aircraft launched fully-certified a initial models: Co50 Valkyrie and Valkyrie-X. The CO50 Valkyrie places an additional ‘canard’ wing during a front and a single-piston propellor during a behind of a aircraft.


That additional canard during a front provides additional lift to make certain that even if a commander gets into trouble, a craft can fly unaided for prolonged adequate to prevent it from stalling in a air.


It has an ability to transport adult to 260 knots as opposed to a standard 242 knots of other singular engine piston aircraft. Cobalt’s Valkyrie is a fastest singular engine piston craft in a category.


The Valkyrie’s thrust engine is located in a back of a plane, permitting for a quiet, gentle cabin with prominence of a 320-degree view. An onboard parachute is also supposing for an additional clarity of security.


The Valkyrie absolutely seats 5 people, including a pilot, with plenty storage for golf clubs, skis and suitcases.


Additional specs:

Valkyrie-X starts during $595,000, no income down, and with an estimated prolongation duration of 6 months, and Co50 Valkyrie will start during $699,000, with a $15,000 deposit. The Co50 will be prepared by summer 2017.


Source: Cobalt Aircraft