Supervising dual rovers from space

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ESA wanderer Andreas Mogensen is proof to be an consultant space motorist after autocratic dual rovers from space this week. As partial of ESA’s Meteron project, Andreas gathering a second, car-sized corsair from a International Space Station to correct a mockup lunar bottom in a Netherlands.

Eurobot corsair with surveyor

Eurobot corsair with surveyor

Andreas directly tranquil a Eurobot corsair in a unnatural troubleshooting Moon scenario. A second corsair was tranquil by ESA’s centre in Germany, permitting Andreas to concentration on Eurobot and meddle if necessary.

The new user interface for handling rovers from space ran ideally as they worked in peace during tighten buliding though any problems. The examination went so good that it was finished in one continual event rather than over a designed 3 sessions on dual days.

“This examination demonstrated that we have a means to work lunar robots from a booster orbiting a Moon, a subject ESA is study during a moment,” says Meteron complement operative Jessica Grenouilleau.

Driving Eurobot from space

Driving Eurobot from space

Landing humans on a detached intent is one thing, though they will also need a fuel and apparatus to work and lapse to Earth when done. Sending robots to director alighting sites and prepared habitats for humans is some-more fit and safer, generally if a robots are tranquil by astronauts who can conflict and adjust to situations improved than mechanism minds.

Meteron is building a communication networks, interfaces and hardware to work robots from a stretch in space. The Space Station is being used as testbed, with astronauts determining rovers on Earth.

The proof showed that robots can perform profitable tasks and dual can combine efficiently, even if they are tranquil from kilometres apart.

The examination valid a user interface works good and that ESA’s ‘space internet’ can tide 5 video signals to a Station – orbiting during 28 800 km/h some 400 km high – though poignant delays and in good quality.

If a couple is mislaid for a moment, that mostly happens in space operations, a network adapts though a problem.

Repairing Lunar Lander reveals a surprise

Repairing Lunar Lander reveals a surprise

The user interface was grown for ESA by a immature group from Thales Alenia Space in Italy, operative opposite parsimonious deadlines to be prepared in time for Andreas’s mission.

This examination is a third and many formidable step so distant for Meteron project. On Monday, Andreas destined a corsair to insert a brace into a hole.

“With dual really successful corsair operations on Earth tranquil from space on dual uninterrupted days, we are looking brazen to stability Europe’s care in human–robot team-work with many some-more projects,” concludes Meteron plan coordinator Philippe Schoonejans.


Source: ESA