Suriya on his inspiration: Kamal Haasan raises a bar with any film

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Chennai: Actor Suriya, who loves to examination with a accumulation of roles and formidable projects, says he wants to be partial of films that emanate good memories such that audiences wish to revisit even after a decade.

“Filmmaking is all about formulating memories and happiness. Actors are like bubbles; not ever durability and they will be transposed eventually. What we leave behind are good films. we wish my films to emanate good memories even when they’re watched after a decade,” Suriya told IANS in an interview.

Suriya in '24'Suriya in '24'

Suriya in ’24’

An fervent suitor of Kamal Haasan, a Singam star unabashedly admits he wants to travel in a former’s path.

“Look during Kamal sir’s films. He has so many opposite films to his credit. As an actor, he has lifted a bar with any film. That’s since we like to revisit his films even today. There are engaging films, strike films and good films. But not all strike films are good films,” he said, adding he feels unhappy when he has to shorten himself.

“When we demeanour during a work of Kamal sir, we feel I’m not delivering enough. we will never get sleepy doing something different. we enjoyed doing films like 7aum Arivu since we was traffic with uninformed content, and Maattrraan, since nobody had worked on a film with conjoined twins,” he said.

Suriya’s arriving recover is time-travel thriller 24, and it’s destined by Vikram K Kumar.

Tipped to be an desirous project, Suriya says a film will give audiences a singular “movie-watching” experience.

“I don’t wish to tough sell a 24. I’m not observant we’ve done a path-breaking film though we know it will be unique. It’s a film one competence come opposite once in 3-4 years. Unlike Bollywood, where actors are propitious to work with directors from other industries with eagerness to experiment, Tamil actors don’t have too many choices,” he said.

Suriya says 24 is a director’s film.

“This film belongs to Vikram, and he has recognised it with a lot of passion. we competence be personification triple roles and have some-more shade presence, though nobody can shroud a good story,” he said.

The film is bankrolled by his home ensign 2D Entertainment, and Suriya has no qualms in holding risks as a producer.

“Money has never been a concern, interjection to a star standing we enjoy. If we remove income in a project, we can acquire it in a subsequent one we act. we don’t have to sell my skill or steal income to produce. we use a income I’ve warranted as an actor to deposit in another good project,” he said.

Currently sharpened for S3, a third installment in a Singam franchise, Suriya also has a Telugu-Tamil bilingual plan in a offing.

“I’m operative with a same team. We’re like a family now. The best of both tools of Singam has been imbibed into S3. We’re perplexing to make a third partial some-more interesting. We’re in talks for a bilingual plan with Trivikram, and we’re looking into a logistics of it,” he added.

Next month, Suriya skeleton to make an central proclamation per a new plan with his mother Jyotika.