Suspect in drop of Timbuktu mausoleums sent to ICC

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By MIKE CORDER, Associated Press

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — An purported Islamic nonconformist charged with impasse in a drop of eremite buildings in a ancestral city of Timbuktu in Mali in 2012 has been arrested and was sent to a International Criminal Court early Saturday to face justice.

Ahmad Al Mahdi Al Faqi, famous as Abu Tourab, is a initial think in a court’s control charged with a fight crime of destroying eremite or chronological monuments.

Al Faqi was surrendered to a justice by Niger formed on an detain aver released a week ago and eliminated to The Hague in a early hours of Saturday. No date was immediately set for his arraignment.

The justice pronounced in a matter he was a member of Ansar Dine, an Islamic nonconformist organisation with links to al-Qaida that ruled opposite northern Mali in 2012.

He is charged in a drop of 10 ancestral buildings including mausoleums and a mosque in Timbuktu.

The whole city of Timbuktu is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. At a rise of a change in a 15th and 16th centuries, Timbuktu counted 180 schools and universities that perceived thousands of students from all over a Muslim world.

Islamic radicals who overran Timbuktu in 2012 broken 14 of a city’s 16 mausoleums, one-room structures that residence a tombs of a city’s good thinkers. The extremists cursed a buildings as totems of idolatry.

The militants were driven out after scarcely a year by a French troops intervention.

Fourteen mausoleums broken in 2012 have given been easy by a United Nations.

Prosecutors lay that Al Faqi was related to an Islamic justice set adult by extremists in Timbuktu and participated in carrying out a orders.

Mali’s supervision asked a justice in 2012 to examine crimes committed on a territory. Prosecutors non-stop an review in 2013. Al Faqi is a initial think detained. Details of his detain were not immediately available.

The ICC is a justice of final review that stairs in when countries are incompetent or reluctant to prosecute crimes on their territory.

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