Swollen Colorado rivers force rafters to find calmer waters

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By THOMAS PEIPERT, Associated Press

DENVER (AP) — Rapidly melting sleet is promulgation Colorado’s rivers acrobatics from a mountains, so distant claiming a lives of during slightest 11 people. It’s also call some rafting companies to find calmer watercourse and batch additional reserve gear.

Last year, 17 people died in boating accidents, leading Colorado’s normal of 10 a year.

But a deaths haven’t dampened a captivate of a state’s whitewater rafting industry, that drew about half a million people final year and had an mercantile impact of $160.1 million.

David Costlow, executive of a Colorado River Outfitters Association, says carrying so few deaths with so many people using a watercourse amounts to “a ruin of a record.”

The deaths this year embody 9 kayakers and rafters, a male tubing nearby Pueblo and a fisherman swept divided in Boulder Creek.


This story has been corrected to embody a full name of a Colorado River Outfitters Association.

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