Syria Between Peace and War and a Innocent Lives Claimed

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Paying a Deepest Price

The White House and a United Kingdom are blaming a Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime for a airstrike on a city of Khan Sheikhoun. Syria is denying a use of chemical weapons. Instead, observant a deaths resulted from a weapons bureau on a ground, that a regime airstrike hit. That lead to a gasses being released. However, witnesses on a Turkish side of a limit contend different. They told CNN that they saw a chemical bombs forsaken from a air.

In association with declare accounts, a World Health Organization pronounced a victims gimlet signs of bearing to haughtiness gas agents. Also, in fixing with a conflict being chemical, Amnesty International settled there is justification that a bombs launched, were chemical ones.

War seems to be a approach a tellurian competition solves a problems, nevertheless, it is an conflict such as a one in Syria, that creates a hearts of a universe wish to strech out and approximate them with assisting hands. The faces of failing children laying on a belligerent struggling to take their subsequent exhale sent snub opposite seas and around a world.

Images of Syrian’s immature adults receiving diagnosis in a Idlib range sanatorium strikes a heart cords of even a toughest people. A 13-year-old boy, Mazin Yusif, is seen great during a Reyhanli Hospital in southern Turkey, as he told his cringe-worthy story of a suspected chemical airstrike.

At 6:30 in a morning, a craft struck. we ran adult on a roof and saw that a strike was in front of my grandfather’s house.

Yusif pronounced he ran to his grandfather’s residence and found him slumped over. The immature child afterwards said, he ran outward to call for help.

I got drunken and afterwards fainted in front of my grandfather’s garage. we subsequent found myself here in this hospital, exposed in a bed.

The boy’s grandmother Aisha Tilawi, 55, was also sent to a hospital. Tilawi pronounced she saw yellow and blue after a craft forsaken a chemical-laden bomb. She mislaid 3 of her family members in a attack, as she lay in a sanatorium bed with an oxygen facade on her face.

We started choking, felt dizzy, afterwards fainted. Mazin was perplexing to arise adult his grandfather. Three of my family died.

Another plant named Ahmed Abdel Rahim, 31, did not know where his family was after a attack. As reported by CNN, he stared blankly from his sanatorium bed, as he explained being strike by unwholesome gasses that were carried by 3 rockets.

I was in my house. we had problem breathing, though we feel improved now. But we did chuck adult after removing to a hospital. we don’t know if my family is passed or alive. we don’t know anything.

However, a many traumatizing images of a casualties, from a Syrian airstrike, were a steady showings of a immature father, Abdel Hamed Youssef, 29, holding his passed 9-month-old twins. The bereaved father tearfully pronounced to his babies:

Say goodbye, baby, contend goodbye.

Not usually did Youssef remove his babies, he also mislaid his mother and 22 relatives. In a heart-wrenching comment of his losses, a immature father is shown burying his twins subsequent to his mother and other kin in a mass gravesite.

According to a New York Post, Youssef asked his cousin to film his goodbyes to his child and girl, Aya and Ahmed, as they were headed to a funeral site. At a gravesite, a immature father was being hold adult by dual other men, as he cried over his waste and forked during a newly dug graves of his family.

We buried them. we took Ahmed and Aya and buried them with my brothers. we buried my kids with my possess hands. My mother and my brothers. My Aya … my Aya! Take caring of a kids, Dalal. we told them we would never ever leave them, my loves.

A relations of Youssef, an English teacher, Aya Fadl, 25, settled she fled from her residence with her 20-month-old son, acid for reserve from a poisonous chemicals. She pronounced a atmosphere became thick, it did not smell bad, though was tough to breathe. As she ran for safety, she accounts being frightened when she came on a lorry filled with bodies, including her possess relatives.