Taco Bell to Start Selling Alcohol in Chicago Restaurant

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According to executives from Taco Bell, a code new grill plcae in Wicker Park in Chicago will be a initial in a U.S. to entrance a new devise to offer ethanol to dine-in customers. A orator from a association settled they will offer beer, wine, and alcoholic “freezes,” most like what is served in Chipotle stores.

Although Taco Bell will be offered alcoholic beverages, they will usually be authorised to be consumed by dine-in patrons. The drinks will also be differentiated from other soothing drinks by a special cup, so employees will be means to tell if anyone attempts to take a splash out of a restaurant. There has been no information regarding a hours that ethanol will be available.

The Wicker Park Taco Bell is also removing many stylish interior upgrades in a new devise to revamp their existent stores with a some-more welcoming demeanour to attract some-more customers. The Chicago plcae is a initial that will resemble other restaurants in Tokyo, Seoul, and Britain, with unprotected section walls, a engorgement of complicated art, and community tables for a some-more contemporary ambiance to greatfully a eat-in customers.

By Alex Lemieux


Chicago Tribune: Taco Bell in Wicker Park will be initial in a U.S. to offer alcohol

Photo Courtesy of Mike Mozart’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License.