Tajik Airline Suddenly Denied New Route

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On Monday, Feb. 20, 2017, a private Tajik airline, called Somoni Air, was unexpected denied accede to fly a new track from Dushanbe to Tashkent. According to a orator for a airline, a reason for a change in report was that Somoni Air had not filed Form R with a Republic of Uzbekistan, before to a flight. Tajikistan’s economy recently slowed following a exodus of dual vital industrial companies, Rusal (aluminum) and Gazprom (gas), and this occurrence might simulate tensions that continue to exist in a region.

The Tajik airline has not flown from Dushanbe, Tajikistan to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, for 25 years. However, simply since a Tajik airline was unexpected denied drifting a new track on Monday, that does not meant it will not be authorised entrance in a future. There was a exam moody on Feb. 10, that was perceived with some pushing in Tashkent. This is one reason since this reversal came as a warn to some. Somoni Air has taken shortcoming for a incident. On Feb. 21, a day after a craft was grounded, a airline dismissed a blurb director, Alisher Rustamov.


A some-more in-depth demeanour might exhibit that other underlying issues are involved. An unknown Tajik official, who is apparently informed with a situation, told EurasiaNet that Uzbekistan was not wholly on house with reestablishing a moody route. The central remarkable that it was Uzbekistan’s inhabitant confidence group that “[denied] rights to a flight, yet during a moment, nobody wants to aria ties with a neighbor. So, in sequence not to green a relationship, a Tajiks have motionless to take a blame.” Uzbekistan had placed a $78 airfield taxation on any newcomer who done a flight. This, perhaps, confirms a clarity of perplexity on their part.

Tajikistan is singular since over half of a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is generated from migrant workers in Russia. Due to faith on this source of income, Russia has also threatened to postpone flights, by airlines, from Tajikistan to Russia. These threats came after negotiations, following a Swiss Arbitration preference and a statute by a Tajikistan Supreme Court, that resulted in financial setbacks for Rusal (aluminum importer) and a contingent recover of a matter explaining that a Russian association intends to “wash a hands of Tajikistan.”

Russia has not totally created off Tajikistan though. Russian President Vladimir Putin is approaching to revisit Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan Feb. 27-28. It was reported that Putin would like to tempt Tajikistan to join a Eurasia Economic Union (EEU), consolidating a countries that limit China. This comes during a time when China is still investing heavily a “One Belt, One Road Initiative.” Bringing Tajikistan underneath a EEU could capacitate a growth of a trade track that would aim during transporting products by Tajikistan, Mongolia and Northern China. According to The Diplomat, Putin skeleton to use a Kremlin’s family with Glencore, a line writer and merchant operative in Tajikistan, and a building rapport between Tajikistan and a Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), to promote this agenda.

The remarkable rejection of a Somoni Airline to finish a new track between Dushanbe and Tashkent shows that tensions sojourn between some of a countries in Central Asia. Consolidating underneath a EEU might yield a reason to disencumber restrictions. Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have been during contingency over a years for reasons such as, “access to H2O and appetite resources.” This is one reason since a reestablishment of a moody track was meant to uncover a change in informal family to some of a people.

By Joel Wickwire
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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