TALONS System Mimics a Mast as Tall as a Skyscraper

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DARPA’s Towed Airborne Lift of Naval Systems (TALONS) investigate bid recently demonstrated a antecedent of a low-cost, entirely programmed parafoil complement designed to extend nautical vessels’ long-distance communications and urge their domain awareness. Towed behind boats or ships, TALONS could lift intelligence, surveillance, reconnoitering and communications payloads of adult to 150 pounds between 500 and 1,500 feet in altitude—many times aloft than stream ships’ masts—and severely extend a equipment’s operation and effectiveness.

DARPA has successfully tested a TALONS antecedent that can be deployed by palm from smaller boats, or by pillar from incomparable ships. Before open-water testing, TALONS’ fast growth began with land-based contrast nearby Tucson, Arizona, in Jun 2014, followed by image contrast and dimensions nearby Assateague Island National Seashore in Virginia in Dec of that year.

TALONS RD began bench-testing a complement in Mar 2015. Field contrast on a H2O started in early May, and ran by Jun nearby Baltimore, Maryland, and Virginia Beach, Virginia. More than 20 TALONS flights were launched over that period, contrast a complement underneath several breeze conditions and building TALONS for opposite platforms.

In a Chesapeake Bay nearby Baltimore, a TALONS group softened hand-deployment techniques for smaller boats and sent a complement adult to 500 feet in altitude, tuning and programming involuntary launch-and-recovery and autopilot systems. The Virginia Beach proof occurred several miles offshore and used a mast-deployment technique that extended TALONS’ strech to 1,000 feet in altitude to arrangement a system’s application for incomparable ships.

TALONS is partial of DARPA’s Phase 1 investigate for Tern, a corner module between DARPA and a U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research. Following successful testing, DARPA might transition TALONS record to a U.S. Navy.

Source: Darpa