Taylor Swift Visits X-Men: Apocalypse Set

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Here’s a set revisit that we weren’t expecting. Taylor Swift was on a X-Men: Apocalypse set progressing today, and writer/producer Simon Kinberg had to twitter about it.

“Haters gonna hate. @taylorswift13 #jamesmcavoy @SophieT” Kinberg tweeted, along with a print of him with Taylor Swift, a bald James McAvoy (who finally shaved his conduct for a initial time to play a iconic Professor X) and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner who joins a expel to play Jean Grey (previously played by Famke Janssen).

What Swift was doing on a set isn’t clear, though fans of a X-Men array and Swift are now anticipating a 25 year aged will have a cameo in a superhero crack set to strike theaters on May 27th of subsequent year.  She could make a ideal fit for a mutant Dazzler, who in a comic books was a mutant who was also a cocktail singer, don’t we think? And if that’s not a case, during a really slightest she could seem on a soundtrack for a 80’s set film.