Teachers Let This Mom Know Her Kid’s Lunch Was Unacceptable For The Dumbest Reason

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If given a choice, it’s flattering protected to contend that many relatives would select fruit over junk food for their kids to break on.

However, one propagandize in Australia doesn’t accurately agree. After a mom recently packaged some dusty fruit into her daughter’s lunch, she was confused when she perceived a minute from a propagandize saying that it disregarded their “healthy eating policy” and deemed it unacceptable.

The propagandize sent a note on a same day that a mom had enclosed sultanas, a form of raisin, in her small girl’s lunch.

What’s engaging is that nonetheless a propagandize listed dusty fruit as an excusable snack, sultanas were apparently not included.


The mom was understandably confused about a proof behind a note. “This contingency be a joke? Of march they are high in sugarine they are fruit,” she said.

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