TechCrunch launches a personalized news recommendations bot on Facebook Messenger

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We’re vehement to announce a launch of a cross-platform and personalized news recommendations bot on Facebook Messenger. The bot is partial of Facebook’s Messenger module suggested during F8, and it will assistance a readers get a news they wish from us in a some-more conversational way.

You can activate a bot on a Facebook page, or click here.

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Similar to a Telegram bot launched final month, a Messenger bot will help we stay on tip of a topics and stories we caring about. You can allow to opposite topics, authors or sections of a site, and a bot will send we news articles from TechCrunch about a things we are meddlesome in a most.

The bot will send we updates once a day, though if there aren’t any stories about a topics we allow to, we won’t hear from us.

You can also ask a bot questions like “What is Disrupt?” and it will give we an answer.

What creates a bot different?

There are dual categorical things that make a bot singular compared to a other ones out there. First, it works on both Telegram and Messenger. We like to give we choice.

Second, there’s a personalization component right from a start that’s connected to your behavior on a website. If there are certain forms of articles that we review some-more frequently on, we’ll use this information to offer adult recommendations from within a bot. For example, if we always review Snapchat articles on TechCrunch, we are some-more expected to accept updates from a bot about Snapchat. This underline is something that no other Messenger bots now have.

If we frequency revisit or we frequently transparent your cookies, a bot will send we a tip stories of a day instead of a personalized ones. You can also allow to particular topics to personalize a knowledge even some-more (instead of relying on a personalization algorithm).

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We teamed adult with a folks at Chatfuel to make a sorcery happen, so a large interjection to them for all the help.

We’d adore to hear your feedback on a bot in a comments section, so don’t be shy.