Texas Man Shot and Robbed While Washing Car

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An aged male was shot and attacked today, Jun 23 while he was soaking his automobile in Fort Worth. The 77-year-old was not struck by possibly of a dual bullets dismissed his way, and is pronounced to redeem after being hospitalized due to a incident. Police contend they are still looking for a perpetrator, and would conclude any open assistance with questioning this matter.

The area in that a sharpened took place was around a 2400 retard of Edgecliff Road, during a Squirt, Wipe and Go. Pascal Palos, a victim, told authorities that a nonetheless unclear shooter walked adult to him and demanded he spin over his wallet. Following this, a gun was pulled out and a aged Texas male was churned with a pistol twice, on a head. He fell to a ground, during that indicate a other male grabbed a victim’s wallet and dismissed twice. Both shots missed Palos.

The pirate is afterwards pronounced to have taken his leave of a stage around a bicycle. Police gave a matter that they are anticipating to examination confidence footage during a automobile rinse in sequence to potentially brand a chairman who shot and attacked an aged Texas male progressing today. The automobile cleaning investiture is pronounced to be somewhere that Palos visits utterly frequently.

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NBCDFW – Man, 77, Shot at, Robbed While Washing Car in Fort Worth

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Hawk’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License