That’s One Way To Take A Tooth Out. Dad Ties String To Bird To Pull Child’s Tooth.

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We all remember as a child going to some flattering vast extremes to force a lax tooth out all for a consequence of creation a few bucks from a Tooth Fairy.

And while many kids review to a attempted and loyal process of attaching a fibre to a tooth and slamming a doorway shut, one father and son in China gave that proceed a twist.

The male and his son can be seen restraining a other finish of a strand of fibre to a feet of their pet parrot, Xiang Xiang. While Dad grabs his camera to start recording, a bird starts to take moody to assistance a tellurian crony make his approach to payday. In only a matter of seconds, a tooth can be seen swinging from a string!

From a brief clip, it seems like a whole tooth descent was painless for everybody involved!

(via Daily Mail)

This parrot positively gave a child a reason to smile! Share this video if we or someone we know would be crazy adequate to try it during home.