The American Library Association Lost Control Of Their Facebook Page This Weekend

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Getting hacked is bad news… unless you’re a garland of librarians. For 3 days “hackers” took over a American Library Association’s Facebook page and posted an unconstrained tide of clickbaity articles and spam. The hackers had control of a page for 3 days and all was returned to normal on Monday.

The librarians done a best of a bad conditions by posting ridicule responses to a articles including call numbers for several books on enigmatic topics including a womanlike soldiers above and a peculiar differences in character of dress in Dubai.

An ALA member, one Tobey Maguire, has collected some genuine gems. The librarians even asked a hackers to stay. Sadly, they couldn’t and page admin Tina grabbed a reins behind on Monday morning.

The page is behind and looks fabulous. Stories of tiny libraries creation it are featured next a ensign creation eminent use of Snoopy and all is right with a universe.

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