The Beep controversy: Kolaveri composer Anirudh, actor Simbu face difficulty over ‘vulgar’ song

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Popular Tamil favourite Silambarasan aka Simbu, is famous as controversy’s child in a Tamil film industry. Son of maestro actor T Rajendran, it would be protected to contend that Simbu lives on a edge. His adore affairs with heading ladies and successive break-ups, and a argumentative video with a heroine that went viral notwithstanding, his foe with Dhanush has once again landed him in a controversy.

This time one of his songs (he is a partial time composer and thespian as well) that he stoical along with Tamil cinema’s heading strain executive Anirudh during a private jam session, has left viral for a wrong reasons. The ‘Beep Song’ is being deliberate outrightly sexist, coarse and anti-women. It is about break-ups and has many damn difference incorporated in it. Though a descent difference have been beeped out, one can clearly know them.


A record picture of Simbu and strain composer Anirudh.

The Beep strain was initial leaked on YouTube and it subsequently went viral, offending fans of both artists and also influenced utterly a bit of disturbance among amicable activists. The Coimbatore military have purebred a box opposite Simbu and Anirudh on a censure filed by All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIWDA). They wanted movement to be taken opposite a twin for component a strain that “allegedly denigrates women”.

Simbu primarily took a daring opinion and pronounced in a interview, “How can someone invade my remoteness and take a strain that we stoical with Anirudh for fun a few years back, during one of a jam sessions impugn for a damn difference used in it? We have been operative on it for a final few years during a giveaway time and some simpleton has stole it from my phone and posted it on a net. we owe no reason nor am we responsible to anyone per this. This strain is conjunction central and it is not meant to be used in any film album.”

Anirudh who is now in Toronto doing his unison for Chennai’s inundate victims denied his organisation with a argumentative song. Anirudh simplified on amicable media, by observant “Hello all. we was rapt with my unison in Toronto dedicated to a inundate victims in Tamil Nadu. we would like to explain my mount on a theme of a beep song. It is conjunction my combination nor my lyrics and we am not a singer. Unfortunately, and to my dismay, my name has been dragged into this controversy. we have a biggest courtesy and honour for women as can be clearly seen in many of my possess compositions. we deeply bewail this unattractive conditions and wish to put an finish to all speculations per a same”.

Meanwhile, after primarily putting adult a dauntless front, Simbu dead when a military came knocking on his door. T Rajendar, Simbu’s dad, (and actor incited politician) has sent a construction matter to Chennai Police Commissioner observant that a strain was only a severe lane stoical by his son and Anirudh, though someone has dissipated it by leaking it online. Now a censure diversion has started between Rajendran and those ancillary Anirudh.

At a same time, a Police group from Coimbatore served summons to Simbu and Anirudh to seem before Coimbatore Commissioner on Dec 19. Unfortunately for Simbu fans, this time he finds himself in a gummy wicket, as a debate around a Beep strain refuses to die down.