The Belly Button Challenge – Does This Internet Trend Actually Indicate Good Living & Health?

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There’s never a necessity of internet trends – some are silly, some humorous and some that could even be deliberate interesting. One of a newest amicable media trends is called a swell symbol challenge. Having started in China, a swell symbol plea asks we to strech around your behind (around your waist) and see if your palm can indeed cover your swell button. If we can do it, your viewed to be in good earthy condition, live good and be flexible. If we can’t, you’re not in optimal figure (or health) and need to remove weight.

The BBC reported that in China, thousands uploaded photographs of themselves display off their bodies and endeavour a challenge. Popular among many immature womanlike users on Weibo, a trending subject – that translates as “reaching your swell symbol from behind to uncover your good figure” – was mentioned some-more than 130m times among Weibo readers. It also spawned 104,000 active contention threads, though has also led to regard about either it’s compelling an diseased physique image.

While many internet hurdles are (for a many part) amusing, this one is wholly focused on what is viewed as ‘healthy’ and ‘correct’ with no genuine facts, information or consultant confirmation. We have to determine with those that contend until we hear more, this plea needs to be deliberate false and unnecessary.


Image Credit: Weibo