The Chinese Start Buying Silver – Momentum Breaks Out To Highest In Years

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The Chinese Start Buying Silver - Momentum Breaks Out To Highest In Years

The Chinese Start Buying Silver – Momentum Breaks Out To Highest In Years

While many traders’ courtesy has been glued to a daily gyrations in oil, it is another commodity that has gained 21% this year and is a best behaving item in a Bloomberg Commodity Index. Silver.

As we reported earlier, a shopping accelerated this morning, when ongoing direct for a changed steel pushed it to uninformed 10 month highs above $17/ounce. One reason suggested for a shopping came from Reuters, that pronounced “that there is complicated shopping in china in Shanghai, and that has triggered shopping in bullion as well,” pronounced Ronald Leung, arch play during Lee Cheong Gold Dealers in Hong Kong.

This might only be a commencement as technicians are finally starting to compensate attention.

Here is a only expelled news from BofA technical strategist Paul Ciana, who highlights a pivotal draft observations:

Silver breaks by neckline of conduct and shoulders bottom

The cost dermatitis adult by a Ichimoku cloud and plane neckline during $16.10 points china behind to a historically critical area of about $18.59. The Ichimoku cloud is also impending a bullish cranky while MACD only incited some-more bullish by channel above zero. Momentum as tangible by RSI pennyless out to a top turn in years suggesting movement supports this trend.

He does have a warning, however, for those who wish to burst on today’s rally:

Today’s vast china convene led to a TD Setup sell signal. Of a past 16 signals where RSI was overbought, 11 times or 69% of a time china prices declined a subsequent day. Of all a 55 sell signals given 2000, cost declined 35 times or 64% of a time one day later. Tomorrow, cost might retrace some of a new pierce providing a improved event to go prolonged silver. Looking brazen 4 and 5 days after a TD Setup sell vigilance with RSI overbought, cost tends to continue higher.

Odd how being overbought is never a cause for bonds dropping shortly thereafter.

So is a delay of a dermatitis approaching or will china humour a normal intraday slamdown as “someone” dumps adequate paper china (and/or gold) to take out a whole bidstack and reprice a commodity lower? It all depends on what a nationalistic Chinese, now in possession of a code new bullion regulating mechanism, do next.




Courtesy: Zerohedge

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