The Concept Of An Underwater River Is Freaky Enough, Even Without The Deadly Gases

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Considering a proportions (and ubiquitous creepiness) of a ocean, you’d consider that exploring a inlet of rivers and lakes would during slightest be a small bit safer than diving into a low blue sea.

And as we competence have guessed, that’s totally wrong. If we demeanour in a right spots, you’ll fast learn that these bodies of H2O can be only as offensive as a ocean.

Take, for example, a Cenote Angelita, that is a renouned diving end in Mexico. From a surface, it looks like any other physique of water. When divers make their approach down, however, they learn a truth. Right in a center of a swimming hole flows a poisonous stream of hydrogen sulfide.

Needless to say, diving knowledge is required.


(source: TecdiveTV)

And this is because we hatred all bodies of H2O indiscriminately. You can never be too careful.