The Dash Cam Footage This Car Captured Looks Like Something Out Of An Action Movie

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As drivers along a Mukilteo speedway were anxiously available a immature light, they were greeted by a stage right out of a blockbuster movement movie.

Seemingly out of a blue, a single-engine craft can be seen hurtling from a sky into a center of a bustling street. Dash cam footage prisoner a whole thespian event.

According to military reports, a tiny craft crashed not prolonged after holding off from a circuitously Paine Field Airport. While there were no critical injuries, mixed cars were shop-worn as a outcome of both a pile-up and a successive fire.

Did anyone else notice a white SUV withdrawal a stage of a collision like a craft descending out of a sky was no large deal?


(via Seattle Times)

Thankfully everybody concerned is okay, though it only goes to uncover that truly catastrophic things can occur in a blink of an eye. Be certain to share this with all a movement buffs in your life!