The End Game: Central Bank Precious Metals Supply Evaporates

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The End Game: Central Bank Precious Metals Supply Evaporates

The End Game: Central Bank Precious Metals Supply Evaporates

The Central Bank process of transfer changed metals onto a marketplace to supply prices has come to an end.  Soon, Central Banks will no longer have a ability to control a paper cost of bullion and china as loyal marketplace fundamentals will finally flog in.  Unfortunately, when a decades prolonged marketplace paraphernalia of a changed metals finally ends, many investors will not be prepared.

When we speak about Central Bank changed steel sales, many investors consider of gold.  However, Central Banks granted a good understanding of china into a marketplace over a past 50+ years.  The United States was a world’s “Silver Sugar Daddy” during a 1960’s.  we am putting together THE SILVER MARKET REPORT explaining this in detail.

As a U.S. Government depleted a final of a bonds of china in a 1990’s, China, India and Russia supplemented a marketplace over a past decade.  This draft below, is from my THE SILVER CHART REPORT display a Net Government Silver Sales given 2003:

From 2003 to 2013, these 3 governments (mostly China) sole a sum of 454.2 million oz (Moz) of china into a market.  As we can see, net supervision china sales were a top from 2003 to 2006, continued to decrease until 2013, and afterwards forsaken to 0 by 2014.

If we mix Central Bank bullion and china sales over a same time period, we find a graphic change:

From 2003 to 2008, Central Banks sole 91.5 Moz of bullion and 368 Moz of china into a market.   What is engaging to note here, is that a infancy of bullion sales came from Western Central Banks, while all a china sales came from Eastern Central Banks.  In a round-about way, a Western Central banks were ancillary a bullion price, while a Eastern Central Banks were ancillary a china price.

Of course, some investors would call this “manipulation hogwash”, though we can assure you… but Central Bank transfer of bullion and china on a market, a tellurian fiat financial complement would have expected disintegrated years ago.

Now, let’s demeanour during a bullion and china bars on a right palm side of a chart.  After a tumble of a U.S. Investment Banking System and Housing Market in 2008, Central Bank bullion sales dusty adult and china sales declined significantly.   From 2009-2014, Central Banks usually sole 1.1 Moz of bullion and 86.2 Moz of silver.

However, this is usually partial of a picture.  While Net Government Silver sales continued until 2013, Central Banks indeed starting shopping bullion in a large approach in 2011.  If we demeanour a draft below, we can see a large change in Central Bank net bullion purchases starting in 2010:

In 2009, net Central Bank bullion sales were usually 34 metric tons (mt), compared to 235 mt in 2008.  As we corkscrew to a left of a chart, Central Bank bullion sales reached a high of 663 mt (21.3 Moz) in 2005.

NOTE: Net Central Bank bullion purchases shown in red are negative, since these sum paint sales into a market, while a gold-colored bars paint net purchases.

That being said, Central Banks dumped a sum of 2,846 mt (91.5 Moz) of bullion onto a marketplace from 2003 to 2008, and consumed a net 2,301 mt (75.3 Moz) from 2009 to 2014.  Here we can see a graphic change in net Central Bank bullion purchases after a nearby meltdown of a U.S. and Global Financial System in 2008.

I trust a Central Banks (especially in a West) have run out of bullion and china to dump on a market.  Thus, a END GAME for Central Bank changed steel paraphernalia has arrived… it’s only a matter of time.

The outrageous sensitivity we are now experiencing in a oil and broader batch markets indicates BIG TROUBLE AHEAD.  While some investors consider it will take many decades for a Fiat Monetary System to unravel, we trust it’s only a matter of years…. maybe less.

If we see a critical tumble of a broader batch markets this fall, investors will expected ramp adult their changed metals purchases in a large way.  This will make a benefaction necessity in a sell china marketplace even worse, so causing it to brief over into a sell bullion market.

The Great Precious Metals Reset is coming. 



Courtesy: SRSroccoreport