The initial ever AI consult for Insurance: Get a low-down on how AI will impact you

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AI and Machine Learning was voted a many transformative analytics apparatus for insurance. That’s according to a mint consult from Insurance Nexus.  In fact, 94% of respondents concluded that AI is going to have a middle or poignant impact on analytics.

The summary is clear.  AI is going to strike word large time – so we need to safeguard you’re prepared for a future.

One approach to do this is to check out a newly expelled “AI, Analytics and GDPR Survey 2017”, where we quizzed 250 of a brightest minds in insurance.  By reading it, you’ll get a low-down on a latest trends in analytics, AI and GDPR and be means to adjust your plan accordingly.

Key commentary from a survey, that will surprise your plan include:

  • Explore how appurtenance training is set to advantage operations, fraud, claims and underwriting
  • Discover what sources of outmost information are deliberate a many – during slightest – critical by insurers
  • Pinpoint who, within a organisation, is spearheading AI and appurtenance learning
  • Find out where income is being invested in AI and appurtenance training – and how much

The consult can be downloaded during InsuranceNexus.

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