The First Trailer For Stephen King’s The Mist TV Series Has Arrived

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Stephen King’s 200 page romance has already gotten a lot of traction with a underline length movie, and now it’s about to turn a weekly TV Series on Spike TV starting on Jun 22nd. And in box we were wondering what it’s going to be like, a initial trailer has now arrived to uncover us.

Stephen King’s strange novella, and a film formed on it, especially takes place inside a grocery store where several people are trapped by a creatures roaming outward in a puzzling haze that unexpected rolls in and covers a whole region. These creatures are bloody and distinct anything seen on a planet. In sequence to make a romance a array though, some-more characters indispensable to be added, and as good as new locations. Which also means of march that we won’t see a grocery store either, since that story has been told.

In a trailer we can see several of a new settings, including a church and a selling mall. It appears as if any plcae will tell a possess story, with a possess characters. Some of a new characters embody a sex-ed clergyman played by Alyssa Sutherland, her nice-guy husband (Morgan Spector, from Person of Interest) and their daughter (Gus Birney). You’ll even get a prototypical “bad-guy” played by Luke Cosgrove. He’s a sheriff’s son who is indicted of a aroused crime before a obscurity arrives. There are several characters in any location, with their possess stories to tell.

Like a renouned array The Walking Dead, The Mist will not only concentration on a monsters, though on a people and how they dispute to a conditions they are in. That of march means there will be copiousness of dispute between a characters, and maybe in a finish we will learn who a loyal monsters are. 

The Mist premieres Thursday, Jun 22 on Spike.