The Grandpa Who Allowed His Grandson To Do This Probably Shouldn’t Babysit Anymore

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Anyone who’s ever been left alone with a toddler for hours on finish knows that you’ll do usually about anything to keep them entertained — anything though risk their lives on a dangerous window grille, that is.

Oddly enough, that’s accurately what this Chinese grandfather, Mr. Peng, let his two-year-old grandson do. While Peng certified that children should not play on a contraption, he also claimed that he’s reinforced a area to reason “heavy weight.” This come usually weeks after another video flush of a immature Chinese lady swinging from a fourth-story patio by her neck. Luckily, both children were unharmed.

Here, a grandfather can be seen personification round with his grandson on a precarious window grille. As a parent, this creates my heart skip a beat!

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Hopefully, this twin will take their diversion to a park subsequent time. Be certain to share this heart-pounding video with relatives we know to see what they think.