The Great Khali’s latest TV ad that’s put a grin on the faces

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He is maybe a best famous WWE wrestler to come out of India and does have a many epic Twitter feed, though if we suspicion that Great Khali aka Dalip Singh Rana never let adult on a intensity, his latest blurb for a petrify code might only remonstrate we otherwise.

Screengrab from a YouTube videoScreengrab from a YouTube video

Screengrab from a YouTube video

The 7 feet 1 in. wrestler is a protagonist of Ambuja Cements’ latest blurb for their product, in that he starts by bemoaning a problems of not meaningful his possess strength. Cue some of a many funniest visuals of a large male going by walls, ceilings and floors.

The blurb hits all a right notes, display a uneasy family’s woes with a wrestler’s inability to let a walls (not to discuss floors and ceilings) of a residence remain intact (the Godzilla stage is only epic).

Of course, it all ends good with him finding a right code of petrify and finally discovering only how most it hurts to travel into a petrify wall that doesn’t yield.

In box we missed a blurb during a countless re-runs here it is:

Of course, a wrestler has chronicled a sharpened of a blurb on his Twitter feed so in box we wish we see a behind a scenes footage here’s some of it:

The Great Khali dances:

The Great Khali goes by a floor:

And only to infer that a man’s always had a humorous bone, here’s what he’s finished in a past:

And here’s a stage that might have desirous the advertisement: