The History Of Wearable Tech

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The subsequent time you’re during a coffee shop, take a tighten demeanour during a wrists of your associate caffeine addicts. They’ve altered in a past few years.


While before we competence have beheld aged watches (or zero some-more likely, since the smartphone has prolonged taken a place of wristwatches) a plain cube of them will have activity trackers. We’ve entered a age of wearable technology, where people use body-worn inclination to know accurately where they went, how many stairs they took, and lots of other personal information.

But how accurately did this happen? It competence seem like they appeared overnight, though a growth of consumer wearables indeed took decades. It started in a 70s when a really initial wearable digital device was released. It was called a Hamilton Pulsar, and it usually a elementary digital watch with a splendid red intense interface. Funnily enough, it didn’t constantly arrangement a time. You had to reason a symbol on a side if you wanted to know a hour. Despite this, it was cold adequate to be regularly used by President Gerald Ford.

Through a subsequent several years many companies attempted to emanate a wearable device that a open loved. Few succeeded. It has usually been in the final few years that manufacturers have successfully constructed wearable technology that people happily wear each day. Want to learn about a full journey? This infographic from Wearable Zone tracks a story of wearable record from a common Hamilton Pulsar all a approach to a Oculus Rift.


Source: Wearable Zone