The Hunt For The Mystery Gold Bear Raid Leader Begins

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The Hunt For The Mystery Gold Bear Raid Leader Begins

The Hunt For The Mystery Gold Bear Raid Leader Begins

In a evident issue of Sunday night’s vast bullion slam, that was infrequently suggestive of a good china pile-up of 2011 when on May 1 usually around 6:25pm, china plunged by 15%, from $48 to $42 with no news or catalyst…

… imprinting a all time high cost of china in a stream changed metals cycle (that sold ‘malicious seller’ has never been identified) a soon organised account was that given a bullion pile-up took place in a camber of 30 seconds usually before Chinese bonds non-stop and pennyless a bullion futures marketplace not once though twice, that it has to be a China-based seller with Reuters holding a lead and quick indicating a finger with an essay patrician “Gold hits five-year low, underneath $1,100 on Chinese selling.”

Ironically, a really same Reuters final night certified that it had been wrong and that it was in fact: “New York sell orders in skinny trade” that triggered a “Shanghai bullion rout”:

In early Asian trade hours on Monday, when typically usually tens of contracts of bullion are traded, investors dumped some-more than $500 million value of bullion in New York in 4 seconds, triggering a market’s biggest subjection in years.


The sell-off began when one or some-more vast sell orders hit a cost of bullion on a CME Group’s Comex futures in New York a tenth of a second after 9:29 a.m. in Shanghai, triggering turnover of roughly 5,000 lots of bullion in a blink of an eye. That equates to 13 tonnes of gold, some-more than typically trades in hours during this time of day, and a offered knocked a cost roughly $20 to $1,100 per unit during those 4 seconds. It remarkable a initial leg of a thespian 60-second sell-off that saw prices penetrate some-more than 4 percent to five-year lows.

And usually like that a account shifts again: instead of a Chinese seller, a genuine law-breaker appears to have been a US-based entity masking as a Chinese trader, around that a media afterwards conveniently built a serve goal-seeked “story” in that a Sunday night offered (by a US entity now) was a outcome of a PBOC proclamation that a bullion land had risen to “only” 1600 tons… however a problem is that all this had been famous given Friday morning.

So, quick brazen to this morning when in nonetheless another Reuters piece, we “find” that the account has shifted once some-more and that now, “traders from Hong Kong to New York are indicating a finger during others for being behind a pierce while struggling to expose a poser sellers.”

In other words: a “hunt” for a good bullion bear raid personality has begun.

Singapore-based futures brokerage Phillip Futures announced “indiscriminate offered by Asian sidestep supports during a cadence of a market’s open in Shanghai” as a arch means of a cost tumble in a minute to clients.


But a many good famous Chinese supports denied involvement, and as futures trade is anonymous, dealers competence never know who was shopping and offered during those essential seconds.


Such sum mostly usually turn accessible if regulators take action, and amid a regulatory inspection following China’s new equity marketplace tumbles, it’s doubtful any merchant or account will be fervent to take credit for environment off another avalanche.


The fact that a selloff occurred while Japan’s markets were sealed for a holiday and U.S. and European traders remained on weekend leave served to implicate China-based dealers in a eyes of some marketplace participants.

At this indicate a Reuters source even dared to use a “M” word:

“That pierce was aggressive manipulation. Somebody clearly wanted a marketplace reduce and timed it really well,” pronounced a bullion merchant during a bank in Hong Kong, who saw parallels with a approach supports have been related to swings in copper.

Of march it was, though instead of focusing on what truly matters let’s go chasing for red, literally, herrings…

Chinese supports such as Shanghai Chaos Investment Co and Zhejiang Dunhe Investment Co were, according to traders, behind falls in copper, one in Mar final year when a steel fell some-more than 8 percent in 3 days, and again in Jan this year when copper slid roughly 8 percent in dual days.

… herrings that however had zero to do with a tangible selling:

Sources informed with both Zhejiang Dunhe and Chaos, and during matching outfits, contend that while China’s standing as a widespread copper consumer left that marketplace exposed to intensity influence, China’s traders have no such lean over bullion.


“Honestly, Chinese sidestep supports are not as gifted as a abroad veterans and bullion is some-more connected to U.S. dollar transformation and well-dominated by Wall Street,” pronounced a merchant with a Shanghai sidestep fund.

Then, inexplicably, some-more truth:

A London-based merchant with an investment bank concluded a lead seller competence not be from Asia. “The offered was on Comex and could also be a non-Chinese account usually executing in what they suspicion was an illiquid timezone to get a biggest move,” the merchant said.

Others got tighten to revelation what happened, though were stopped usually short, instead descending behind to what had already been set adult as a fake narrative:

Vishnu Varathan, comparison economist during Mizuho Bank, combined “there’s a good genuine income participation in centres like Hong Kong and Singapore. But of course, the inside people who knew where a trades were executed substantially have their reason for citing Chinese sidestep funds, though we don’t consider they were alone in this trade.”


“I consider one of a triggers was some beating with a volume of a buildup in China’s bullion pot so in terms of a vicinity of that sold trigger and a markets that were open there was some involvement, I’m sure, though it competence not be a full story,” Varathan said.

For a record, here is what we pronounced moments after a bear raid took place:

Once again, as in Feb 2014 and on several before cases, a fact that someone meant to take out a whole bid smoke-stack reveals that this was not a normal sequence and cost find was a final thing on a seller’s mind, though an conscious HFT-induced impact with one purpose: force a sell stops.


So what caused it?


The answer is substantially irrelevant: it could be another HFT-orchestrated pound a la Feb 2014, or it could be a BIS’ bullion and FX trade table underneath Benoit Gilson, or it could be usually a vast Chinese commodity financing understanding tell as we schematically showed final Mar it could be simply Citigroup, that as we showed progressing this month has now prisoner a changed metals marketplace around derivatives.

We afterwards added: “we won’t know for certain until a CME once again explains who disregarded sell manners with final night’s vast orders.

This is a same CME that took 18 months to acknowledge that a roughly matching marketplace crude bullion peep pile-up from Jan 6, 2014 was a outcome of potentially intentional “flawed” algo trade that “resulted in a disruptive and fast cost transformation in a Feb 2014 Gold Futures marketplace and stirred a Velocity Logic event.

And, expecting precisely today’s latest growth in a good bullion pile-up story, namely a office of a perpetrators we also added: “there are many who do wish to know a reason for a bullion crash, that usually like in Jan 2014 had a transparent algorithmic murder member to it. Which means that until a CME opines on precisely who and what caused a latest bullion marketplace break, we won’t know with any certainty. That doesn’t meant that some won’t try to “explain” it.’”

Such as Reuters, on several occasions.

But a genuine answer, that roughly positively once again points to a trade table of one Benoit Gilson in Basel, will certainly never be revealed. Even in a Jan 2014 case, a CME stopped brief of indeed identifying precisely who had oredered a bullion fall instead withdrawal it extended as follows: “this disaster resulted in scarcely vast and atypical trade activity by several of a Firm’s customers.”

Which ones? Or maybe a $64,000 answer to that doubt is what a executive banks and a BIS, and hence a CME, will ensure during all costs.

Finally, as we also remarkable previously, “while a tangible offered reason was irrelevant, a aim was clear: to crack a $1080 bullion cost that also happens to be a multi-decade channel support level.

So distant this has almost succeeded, with bullion regularly shifting usually bashful of $1080 though never indeed breaching it. We design this too support turn to be taken out as what is now transparent and supposed strategy continues, that in retrospect, will merely means those who buy bullion for a loyal unsentimental value, as word opposite a systemic fall that is flattering tighten to where a Chinese executive planners find themselves right now not to discuss a imploding European financial union, to buy some-more for a same paper price.

As for a “great”, and severely misdirecting, hunt for a bear raid leader, one that will never exhibit a loyal culprit, move it on – we can always do with some party meant to confuse a masses. In fact, we would not be at all surprised if some Indian merchant out of his parent’s groundwork in a London suburb ends adult going to jail for this while those guilty of chronic, consistent strategy continue to travel free…

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