The ISS Cut Their Feed As Soon As Huge Figures Appeared…Is This An Alien Fleet?

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Did a swift of UFOs only climb past a International Space Station? Some contend it’s sad thinking, though swindling theorists aren’t so sure.

When something peculiar is speckled on NASA’s live feed of a International Space Station, it’s customarily created off as dirt on a camera lens or space ice. However, as Tyler Glockner of secureteam10 explains about this case, “Much incomparable than NASA’s standard forgive of ice particles, we contingency be looking during icebergs.” But could a 6 objects unequivocally be visitor spaceships? You’ll have to watch and confirm for yourself.

As usual, NASA cut their live feed only after a objects were spotted. If it’s not ice, as they claim, because try to cover adult a footage?


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What do we consider a objects are? Be certain to let us know in a comments below, and share this with others to find out their opinion. If it unequivocally is an visitor fleet, initial hit competence occur a lot earlier than we ever expected!