The lighter side: When Kohli spied on gullible fans who were criticising him

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We’ve seen a assertive and heated side of Virat Kohli though recently he showed a lighter side of his celebrity when he stumped a organisation of fans, throwing them off-guard.

Hotstar invited fans and asked them to share their opinions and thoughts on Kohli a captain and player. The fans were clueless about a participation of Kohli who was examination these fans share their thoughts in a try-out room in a PCR room behind a scenes.

File design of Virat Kohli. GettyFile design of Virat Kohli. Getty

File design of Virat Kohli. Getty

The fans started off with their views on India’s Test skipper and spoke about Kohli’s aggression. One of them says, “He is a good captain though he is assertive and that’s what irritates me. He should improvise on his use and all.” Another adds, “If he could tinge down on his charge a bit. we consider that puts a lot of vigour on a team.” And afterwards came a comparison: “I consider Kohli is not a good captain like Dhoni.”

All a while, Kohli was shouting behind a scenes. He afterwards left a room and astounded a fans who are bustling criticising him. The countenance on their faces was precious a impulse he walked in.

To tip it all, Kohli asked a fans for their suggestions on how to improve. He also took a few questions.

It brings out a other side of Kohli and will really move a grin on your face.

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The video is partial of Kohli’s debate for conform code WROGN