The Longest Gap Between Movie Sequels

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Jurassic World comes out this weekend, and in box we were wondering it’s been over 13 years given a final installment came out. While 13 years might seem like a prolonged time, it’s not even tighten to a longest time between sequels. We take a demeanour during some of a longest in cinematic history.

Mad Max; Fury Road came out progressing this year, and with a 29 year opening between sequels it’s intolerable that George Miller was means to lapse to his franchise. It is a initial time someone other than Mel Gibson played a suggested character, yet still a film played out like frequency any time had upheld during all.

The Star Wars authorization has left by not one, yet dual vast gaps between sequels. While technically a prequel, The Phantom Menace came out 15 years after Return of a Jedi, and after on this year The Force Awakens will come out over 10 years after Revenge of a Sith. That’s a lot of down time for a authorization that has a vast fan bottom worldwide.

Another film that took 29 years between sequels in The Odd Couple. The strange came out in 1968 and was formed on a Neil Simon play. Simon himself even wrote a screenplay. The playwright returned for a sequel, yet it wasn’t formed on any of his prior works. Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau also returned.

The Disney strike Tron incited into such a cult classical that it initial saw a supplement as a video diversion before saying a melodramatic sequel. On a large shade Tron: Legacy came out over 28 years after a original, and explored what happened to a characters from a initial movie.

A lot of people felt Paul Newman was attacked of an Oscar for 1961’s The Hustler, yet when he won for personification a same purpose 25 years after in The Color Of Money they didn’t consider he was a best that year. Most consider a win was an reparation of sorts from a Academy.

At a finish of Wall Street it was pragmatic that Michael Douglas’ impression Gordon Gekko went to prison, and 22 years after in a sequel, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, he’s served his judgment and is being released. Too bad a supplement wasn’t as good as a strange movie.

Last year a supplement to a strike Jim Carrey comedy Dumb and Dumber (sorry Dumb and Dumber, we juts don’t count) finally came out, and they played it like 20 years had left by, even yet it had usually been 19. A lot had altered in those years though, and Dumb and Dumber To only didn’t locate on with audiences like a strange one had.

Indiana Jones was always a bit of a vestige in his movies, yet he looked even some-more like one in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom of a Crystal Skull. 18 years had left by between sequels, and unfortunately they only couldn’t get a attract of a strange cinema in this one.

Jack Nicholson was nominated for an Oscar for his purpose in Chinatown, and it was good deserved. On a other palm his lapse to a impression 16 years after in The Two Jakes was mostly derided by critics. It was a film that unequivocally shouldn’t have been done in a initial place.

The final film on a list is The Godfather: Part III. We don’t have anything bad to contend about a movie, after all it is a decent movie, yet it only doesn’t have a same strength as a initial two. Perhaps 16 years was too prolonged of a wait between sequels. Of march it still had several Oscar nominations, yet it didn’t win any of them.