The Mom Of An Autistic Boy Was So Overwhelmed, But Then A Kind Waitress Stepped In

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Being a mom is so difficult, and when we supplement caring for a child with special needs into a mix, it’s even harder.

Jamie Mathews Heustess is a mom to a honeyed child who happens to have autism named Ian. Sometimes Ian has bad days, and infrequently Jamie does, too. They were recently during a Georgia Cracker Barrell when Jamie’s father motionless to take Ian home since he had a meltdown. Jamie was exhausted, and that’s when her waitress beheld something was wrong and stepped in to make her day approach better.

Ian was unhappy that his “Finding Nemo” fondle wasn’t Dory or Nemo, and some autistic children have difficulty when their expectations are challenged. This done it a unequivocally formidable day for Jamie, who loves her son and describes him as “sweet” and a “good kid.”

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After her father left with Ian, Jamie placed a to-go sequence with a waitress, Kailyn, who had been so studious with their family. Much to Jamie’s surprise, her dish was totally paid for and Kailyn had created her an enlivening note.

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Read all about this pointless act of affability and a disproportion it done in this mom’s life in her possess words.

“I had a good cry walking out of a internal Cracker Barrel in Pooler, GA. we had posted progressing about a trials and adventures of perplexing to have a cooking out when we have a child with autism. It is truly strike or miss…most days we do OK. After Chris and Ian left, a waitress came to ask if we were ordering. This was substantially her 5th or 6th time interlude by a table. we pronounced yes, a to go order, only for me. She asked if my father or son wanted anything and we pronounced no, my father took a son home to revoke stimuli around him. we told her Ian was autistic and had had a prolonged day, awards, karate, Wal-Mart. His violation indicate was a Nemo/Dory toy-that was conjunction of those characters. By this time we was good and carrying a moment, not since we was broke that my son is autistic, though since he is a good child and we didn’t wish anyone to consider he was only a marred child being a brat. Our server was friendly and sweet. She pronounced it was not a problem, that she would get my sequence in quickly. we sat sensitively and done a post to my page about a realities of autism that we never utterly know until we knowledge them. About 15 mins later, out comes my server with my bag of dinner. She smiled and told me that my cooking had been taken caring of, no need for payment. we started good all over again. we asked if she was certain and she reassured me it was taken caring of, not to worry. we cried walking out, certain a other business and employees suspicion we was crazy. There was a square of paper stapled to my bag, we suspicion it was a receipt……. it was something distant some-more precious. In a midst of my possess meltdown she reached out with difference of support and a kind heart:

She wrote, ‘Your child is amazing, mommy. Be strong, keep your conduct up. You are doing a good job. Have a good night. Your server, Kailyn’

My note from Kailyn is now unresolved on my fridge for those moments we need to be reminded of a affability of strangers.”