The Noises This Guy Can Make With Only His Mouth Are Ridiculous

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It’s a fact that humans are able of pulling off absurd outspoken feats, like singing overwhelming arias, rapping during violent speeds, and screaming in steel songs like someone you’d never wish to accommodate in an alley. But after we mastered singing, rapping, and screaming, we started to make beats with a mouths. That’s when a art of beatboxing was born.

This man usually so happens to be a master of that craft.

This is Nagesh Reddy, and over a years, he’s taken beatboxing to a whole new level.

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A video posted by Nagesh Reddy (@nagesh_bbx) on Sep 11, 2015 during 10:19pm PDT

He says that he schooled a basis by examination videos on YouTube.

You all know what during it is!!! HEAVY FUCKIN BASS DROP ! CHECK IT !!!! Have an epic day we all !!

A video posted by Nagesh Reddy (@nagesh_bbx) on Sep 10, 2015 during 10:08pm PDT

It seems like a use is profitable off, since I’ve never seen someone beatbox so good in my life.

Meanwhile in kochi 😀

A video posted by Nagesh Reddy (@nagesh_bbx) on Sep 10, 2015 during 6:23am PDT

Sooner or later, he’ll take a song universe by storm. We wish so, anyway.

Randomly woke adult during 4:00 am and came adult with this crazzyyyyy donkey dropp check ittt so genuine complicated things in this!! like If like it So this is for a people who have been following my tiny instagram videos Thank we so many we all unequivocally motivate me!! Full energy to we all so being happy from a response we get we am gonna upload prolonged 2 or 3 mins beatbox freestyle video shortly 😀 wait for it cheers!! Keep ancillary appreciate we so many adore we all !! 😀

A video posted by Nagesh Reddy (@nagesh_bbx) on Sep 1, 2015 during 3:44pm PDT

What an extraordinary and singular talent!

Minimal tech freestyle 😀 with a badass dump to dubstep check it!!! :)

A video posted by Nagesh Reddy (@nagesh_bbx) on Aug 31, 2015 during 5:20am PDT

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Mr. Reddy, we wish we fitness in your destiny endeavors, since we blow many other beatboxers out of a water. Someone get this man a record deal!