The Perfect Precious Metals Storm – Made “Entirely” In America

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The Perfect Precious Metals Storm - Made In America

The Perfect Precious Metals Storm – Made “Entirely” In America

In yesterday’s “unprecedented catastrophe,” we espoused that “when a powers that be’s’ unprecedentedly mortal acts – in a name of destroying a 99%, for a advantage of a 1% – inevitably, spectacularly fail; a universe as we have famous it will no longer be recognizable.

Well theory what?  As of today, America – and a fast abating tellurian purpose – will never be a same; as utterly obviously, a “Deep State” that even we have had difficulty acknowledging has once and for all, broken it.  And by “Deep State,” we don’t indispensably meant a handful of people determining a world; though instead, a political, corporate, and financial “leaders” with a many energy and resources to remove from a introduction of an “outsider” – who utterly obviously, be they “Democrat” or Republican,” will do anything to protect, no matter how many billions are broken in a process.

Starting with this week’s New York Times accusation that Donald Trump fed a Russians tip tip information – apparently, formed on small if any evidence; and culminating with Trump’s hubristic preference to glow James Comey – who in response, indicted Trump of interference probity in a Michael Flynn “scandal”; a karma of Trump’s impeachment has been dramatically upgraded – perhaps, to imminent.

From a second a historically indignant American proletariat suggested it would eschew Deep State possibilities like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, it became transparent clear that all possible actions, authorised and illegal, would be taken to forestall Donald Trump from winning.  And when, to their startle and chagrin, he won anyway, to succeed.  And by “succeed,” we don’t meant merely digest him ineffectual – as we vehemently expected dual days after a election; though instead, to literally destroy him – by hounding, investigating, and fibbing about any possible issue; until finally, when his defenses were enervated by a routine failures their miss of team-work ensured; not to mention, a accelerating mercantile pile-up he inherited; they’d “get him” on something, be it critical or immaterial.

Trust me, Trump didn’t assistance his means – by personification into their traps with nonsensical routine decisions; assertive confrontations – quite around Twitter; offensive Cabinet choices – like half of Goldman Sachs, for instance; and an inability to concede with a expanding rope of brigands out for his head.  Attacking unfamiliar heads of state – like those of China, Mexico, Russia, and Germany, to name a few – didn’t give him any points overseas.  And in bombing Syria; melancholy North Korea; and God forbid, acknowledging Vladimir Putin’s existence; he gave detractors all a “material” they’d need to “take him down.”  Let alone, as pronounced detractors literally possess a mainstream media – that during this point, a normal Joe or Jane Sixpack has not a clue, or care, either it’s outlay is “fake.”  To them, all that matters is handouts; and if we can’t broach them – around a betrothed taxation cuts and infrastructure spending that never had a possibility to be enacted – they’d be usually as happy to let Crooked Hillary have her shot.  Particularly, as a initial thing she’ll expected pass if inaugurated are “taxes on a rich” to compensate for revolutionary nightmares like singular payer healthcare.  we theory we all new that was entrance anyway, usually not so fast!

Not that things would have incited out differently if in hindsight, Trump finished 180-degree opposite choices on all fronts.  As per above, America’s Deep State “wanted him dead” (figuratively, of course) from a day he perceived a Republican nomination.  Which, when he shockingly was inaugurated anyway, simply stirred them to muster additional “assassins,” from all walks of a political, economic, social, and even troops world.  This, notwithstanding WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and radically all classes of “social probity warriors” ancillary him, doing all in their power to better pronounced Deep State.  But alas, a universe has altered forever, as now that a “impeachment genie” is out of a bottle, it can never be put back.  And distinct Bill Clinton, there is no approach Trump will tarry a routine – which, we competence add, will expected make a Clinton, Nixon, and even Andrew Johnson impeachment record seem “civil” by comparison.

So where does that leave us, as a nation?  In a nutshell, several rungs next a tip tier on a totem stick it has reason given World War II, and fast declining.  Per today’s title, America’s drop has been, for a many part, synthetic – not that it, or any empire, can final forever.  Starting with abandonment of a bullion customary in 1971, economic, financial, and financial hurt was a fait accompli; and as a flourishing universe – particularly, “emerging markets” like China – solemnly though shortly hold up, America’s tumble from pronounced tip stage turn increasingly irreversible, and imminent.

Technology helped, too – like a “weapons of mass destruction” famous as derivatives, that have leveraged America like no republic in history.  This, atop a “high magnitude algorithms” and other Wall-Street-created collection to manipulate markets – which, in total, have contributed to not usually a biggest collateral misallocation in history; agreeable across-the-board oversupply that will take years, if not decades to unwind; though a biggest resources inconsistency in a nation’s 240-year history.  Which is accurately because a normal American has no pursuit and assets – and consequently, voted for Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or anyone not named Clinton or Bush.

That said, a entity many obliged for America’s political, economic, social, and financial passing – and, by trait of a carcenogenic widespread of a fiat “dollars,” a whole world’s as good – is unquestionably, a Federal Reserve.  Yes, going all a approach behind to a capitulation around a easily attended Christmas Eve Congressional opinion in 2013 – as designed during a Deep State’s Jekyll Island proceedings, by traitors like Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, and J.P. Morgan himself.

Throughout a decades, a Fed has used – and ultimately, abused – a energy to widespread acceleration a universe round; bringing individuals, corporations, and nations to their knees.  With any dollar printed, America’s ancestral debt bucket grew incomparable – and with it, a world’s desire, and need, to imitation their possess fiat toilet paper to “keep pace.”  Ultimately, a debt became unpayable; and when a ensuing mercantile spoil led to crisis, any next Chairman “stepped up” a destruction by copy more; and ultimately, regulating a “weapons” of 0 seductiveness rates (Greenspan) and “QE” (Bernanke) to indenture a world, and emanate a world’s largest, many dangerous item bubbles.

Which, of course, could usually be “accomplished” if a one item category with a ability to “call out” a rascal was authorised to demonstrate itself; i.e., earthy Precious Metals.  Which is why, with increasingly blatant tactics, a “gold Cartel” launched in 1933 around a murky “Exchange Stabilization Fund” has finished all in a energy to conceal altered metals prices.  Including, around a admissions that all though “those too blind to see” select to ignore,” mortgaging a nation’s bullion reserves; likely, to a Chinese, Indians, Russians, and Arabs.  And in a process, formulating altered metals prices so undervalued, they catalyzed record earthy demand, while henceforth destroying a mining industry.  In other words, sowing a seeds for a unavoidable supply shortages that not usually catalyze financial panic, though skyrocketing bullion and china prices, by many, many multiples.

As for today, we’ll see if a rare fibre of “low volatility” a psychotic, world-destroying PPT has combined can be saved.  Let alone, a “dotcom valuations” their goofy manipulations have caused, amidst Great Depression mercantile conditions.  As for a “Trump-flation” meme they built on Election Night, as an forgive to retreat their prior pro-Clinton account – and thus, clear surging bonds and plunging Precious Metals; it’s, as of today, dead.  To wit, a dollar is now next Election Day’s level; seductiveness rates, commodities, and mercantile activity are plunging; and oh yeah, nothing of Trump’s pivotal debate promises have been met.

Conversely, bullion has retaken a 200-week relocating normal of $1,239/oz; with a some-more critical 5½ year downtrend line – from a Cartel’s initial, heinous, Sep 2011 attacks – behind in sight, during roughly $1,285/oz.  As for china – by far, a tighter market; with by far, some-more “Cartel leverage” employed; it’s usually a matter of time, quite with a ratio to bullion stretched so far, before earthy direct swamps a Cartel’s best efforts to forestall a “ultimate quadruple tip breakout” above a 1980 and 2011 favoured highs of $50/oz.  Which, when a “perfect altered metals charge – finished wholly in America” plays out, will be, in Bill Murphy of GATA’s imperishable words, “jacks for starters.”

Moreover, there’s that small thing famous as Bitcoin to cruise – that as we write, has surged to a new all-time high.  In my really clever view, crypto-currency will quarrel alongside Precious Metals as “twin destroyer” of a world’s largest, many mortal fiat Ponzi scheme.  Which, now that a mercantile and political fabric of a republic arising a world’s “reserve currency” is in tatters, could catalyze a near-term financial series distinct any a universe has seen.  In a nutshell, we trust a destiny of practical income is decentralized crypto-currency like Bitcoin; as many so, as my long-standing perspective that a “once and destiny king” of resources storage will be earthy bullion and silver.  And a some-more governments comprehend Bitcoin’s power, a some-more they will (futilely) conflict it.  Thus, “taking a heat” off bullion and silver, and facilitating their possess parabolic rises.

To conclude, a universe as we know it – during least, a America we have famous – perpetually altered final night.  And with it, a contingency of a dollar’s genocide as “world haven currency” increasing dramatically.  Going forward, a universe is going to be a many scarier, some-more formidable place for most.  However, a one thing I’m certain of, is that if we reason during slightest a jot of earthy bullion and china – reason outside the financial system; no matter where we reside, your financial trail brazen will be exponentially easier. – Andrew Hoffman

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  • Excellent summation of dangers today. Thanks, Mr. Hoffman.

  • FWIW some credentials on Mr Comey..from open sources: Comey’s veteran story and relations shows that a Obama cupboard personality — now underneath glow for his doing of a review of Hillary Clinton — is deeply confirmed in a big-money cronyism enlightenment of Washington, D.C. His personal and veteran relations — all undisclosed as he announced a Bureau would not prosecute Clinton — strengthen bipartisan concerns that he might have politicized a rapist probe.
    These concerns concentration on millions of dollars that Comey supposed from a Clinton Foundation invulnerability contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his startling financial attribute with his hermit Peter Comey, who works during a law organisation that does a Clinton Foundation’s taxes.