The highway reduction traveled: Americans slicing down on daily trips

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Americans spend 10 percent rebate time creation trips for daily activities than they did a decade ago, says a University of Michigan researcher.


In another in a array of reports that examines new motorization trends in a U.S., Michael Sivak of a U-M Transportation Research Institute says that a normal time spent roving per day for all activities forsaken from 1.23 hours in 2004 to 1.11 hours in 2014.

In an progressing report, Sivak found that 2004 was a rise year in terms of stretch driven per person, that has been on a diminution given then. In a stream study, Sivak looks during sum transport time for persons 15 and older, regulating all modes of travel—not usually pushing a vehicle. The information came from a American Time Use Survey, a deputy national survey.

Activities for that normal transport time has decreased given 2004 embody dining out (eating and drinking), selling (purchasing products and services), caring for and assisting non-household members, work, education, and convenience and sports.

The normal time spent roving for domicile activities, caring for and assisting domicile members, and enchanting in organizational, county and eremite activities have stayed a same. Personal caring was a usually activity that purebred an increase.

The investigate showed that a commission of persons roving in tie with a several activities has decreased, though found no altogether rebate of a generation of a daily trips for those persons who did rivet in travel.

In terms of a normal percentages of persons roving per day by activity, Sivak pronounced that all activities showed a decrease, solely for personal care.

Finally, among usually persons who trafficked in tie with an activity, a news found small change in a sum normal transport times from 2004 to 2014 (5.93 hours vs. 5.96 hours).

Source: University of Michigan