The Shade Room is behind on Facebook, other media startups still “in jail”

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The luminary report and news startup The Shade Room is behind on Facebook, a startup announced today, despite underneath a new moniker.

Its prior page, that had racked adult some-more than 4 million followers, was “;” a new form is “”

The startup pronounced progressing a page had been private from a Facebook ecosystem though any notice, highlighting a plea for new media publishers that take a multi-platform proceed or a Facebook-centric one.

Companies that tell calm to Facebook to grow their assembly or bond with business are theme to a amicable network’s policies — and process changes. If they don’t play by Facebook’s rules, they can find their profiles dangling or removed.

Jamie Bolding is a CEO of a London startup called Viral Thread that gifted a identical fate. He told us that Viral Thread had grown a follower-count on a categorical Facebook page into a millions before it was removed.

The association is now using several Facebook pages, full of curated videos it hopes will be meme-worthy. Its categorical page there, “,” has a common 132,416 supporters today.

Bolding pronounced he has seen a unreasonable of take-downs of startup brands’ Facebook pages over a past month, generally for those that have cultivated a vast assembly though never attained a desired blue check indicating their accounts are verified, he said.

The Viral Thread CEO said, “Facebook never sensitive us of [certain] process changes. When we have a copyright takedown we get involuntary emails, though never an tangible critical warning of ‘your page is going to get deleted.’ we consider their communication here was flattering abominable deliberation many businesses live off their Facebook page. We spent 2 years building ours up, assisting Facebook grow, afterwards they usually cut us off with a crack of a switch, withdrawal me to understanding with 15 employees.”

We have reached out to The Shade Room and Facebook for some-more information.

Earlier today, Re/Code’s Peter Kafka reported that Facebook member pronounced they took down The Shade Room’s page for mixed copyright violations. But, The Shade Room owner Angie Nwandu told Re/Code that Facebook sent her a presentation that usually cited violations of their terms of use, and not privately copyright issues.

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