The Smallest Weather Station

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Weather Point is a tiny tool concordant with mobile devices that serves as a thermometer, steam meter, UV index windy vigour meter. This gadget allows we to lift it and use anywhere and anytime – that means we have your possess personal continue station. Weather Point supports iOS, Android and Windows.


It has 4 sensors and is built into a customary 4 stick audio jack. It is done from aluminum and titanium. These 4 sensors sends an audio vigilance that than revoke a vigilance width magician depends on a tangible readings. The program is regulating a calculation of a relating temperature, humidity, UV deviation and windy pressure, and shows these information on a shade of your device.


Weather Point doesn’t use a battery or internet connection. It is powered by your device battery and doesn’t devour a lot of energy. By measuring windy vigour the App will surprise we about your stream altitude.


With this tool you’ll have have your possess personal continue station. That’s good news to lot of people, who like outside activities such as hiking, cycling, sport or fishing – since we don’t need internet connection.

We rest on continue forecasts and apps – where the temperature values come from continue stations that can be a lot of miles away. That means they are not always correct. Nothing beats measuring a values yourself right where we are.

The plan is already corroborated on a Kickstarter and already reached a appropriation idea of $15.000, a early bird pricing has already gone, though we can still collect adult for $25. An Estimated smoothness is on Aug of 2015.

Tech specs

  • Dimensions: 57mm x 10mm
  • Weight: aluminum 11grams, titanium 17grams
  • 4 pacifist sensors
  • Power: No battery needed



Source: Kickstarter