The Tata Nano re-re-relaunch: New GenX involuntary seems like a winner

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After several fake starts, a Tata Motors government competence finally have got a act together with a Nano’s re-re-re-relaunch. Unveiling currently (19 May) is a involuntary chronicle of a car, a GenX Nano, labelled in a operation of Rs 1.99. lakh and Rs 3 lakh for mixed variants.

Unlike a initial chronicle of a Nano, that was grown formed on a Ratan Tata camber that people competence ascent from “unsafe” two-wheelers to “safe” cars if usually a pricing was right, this time a association is rising 21 variants of GenX after minute consumer studies and feedback, reports The Economic Times.

It had softened work this time, for Tata can't means another wave show. The “Rs 1 lakh car” has some-more than $1 billion of investments roving on it. If it does not gleam this time, a Nano will be some-more or reduction history.


The car’s simple indication is labelled during Rs 1,99,000 ex-showroom (Delhi). The cost of other variants goes adult to Rs 2,89,000.

The Nano’s primary problem has always been a perception. Even before it was launched, it was dubbed a “Rs 1 lakh car” formed on a Ratan Tata talk in that he talked about such a pricing. The mesmerizing arrogance that pricing alone would do a pretence incited out to be wrong. The consumer wondered if she was removing a saved autorickshaw or a bad peculiarity four-wheeler for that kind of money. Lower cost was seen as implying reduce peculiarity – an sense fanned by news reports about a peculiar early Nano or dual throwing fire, that a company’s PR rubbed poorly. Perception so became existence in consumer minds.

In a initial relaunch, a government goofed again. It focused on affordability, and offering EMIs that matched those for two-wheelers. This reinforced a “cheap” notice and also that this competence not be utterly a genuine car, generally in a marketplace where used cars were accessible in copiousness during allied prices.

The second relaunch, that concerned a few teenager pattern tweaks and peculiarity improvements and a origination of a new Nano sub-brand – a Twist – fared a tiny better, yet elemental impressions did not change. By a time Twist arrived on a scene, many manufacturers had dished out their possess cheaper cars –from a Chevrolet Beat to a Hyundai Eon to a Maruti Alto 800.

Now, things seem to be different. At a top finish of a Tata GenX pricing, it is usually around Rs 50,000 cheaper than a bottom Alto 800, that has an on-road cost in Mumbai of around Rs 3.5 lakh, including word and registration.

While a saving of Rs 50k is zero to spot at, clearly this time a Tata Nano is not regulating cost alone as a offered point. It is offered a genuine car, with a right consumer benefits. It is, according to Girish Wagh, comparison Vice-President during Tata Motors, being repositioned in a tiny hatchback compress automobile segment.

The ET report says a “GenX Nano is softened looking, has a stronger body, and softened fit and finish with pivotal organic facilities like a tiny boot, energy steering, involuntary delivery and entirely installed Bluetooth connectivity.”

We should wait for consumer feedback to check if a new positioning and changes work, yet there is tiny doubt that a Tata Motors bosses have learnt a right lessons from past failures. They are no longer perplexing to sell a deputy for two-wheelers or a “cheap car”, even yet a Nano will indeed attract upgrades from a two-wheeler segment.

It will substantially be sole as a Smart City car, that is not a bad position to take for an automatic, given swarming city streets make primer gears uninteresting in bumper-to-bumper trade situations. Also, given a smaller engine, even a fuel-efficiency detriment due to a use of involuntary delivery will not be a disastrous for a new Nano. Indian consumers are supportive to fuel expenditure averages, and involuntary delivery cars have not taken off for this reason.

The fact that a GenX Nano now comes with 21 variants is interesting. Last year, we had talked about a pivotal changes we would like to see in a Tata Nano if consumers will take a relook during it. These were:

#1: A gentle and spacier two-seater city automobile that has some foot space too – and foldable behind seats that can make approach for some-more foot space. (It is not transparent if a two-seater is an choice with GenX).

#2: A automobile with large changes in a external design. The stream pattern is not voluptuous enough, and a young, who competence be intensity buyers, would not buy it. College-goers now regulating bikes may, conceivably, buy a automobile that looked like a VW Beetle, even if it achieved like a – good – Nano. (Some changes have been done to a looks, and they are worthwhile).

#3: An involuntary delivery by default – that will aim women and comparison citizens. Honda scooters is a elite choice of all those who don’t wish to be kicking bikes into action. No reason because cars have to be some-more complicated. The Maruti-Suzuki Celerio is an bid to wire in new automobile users. The Nano should aim a same. (The new Nano has addressed this market)

#4: An electric automobile labelled during a max of Rs 3.5-4 lakh, and that can be charged simply from home energy sockets. (This competence come later)

#5: A farming Nano version, with a bench-like front seating (where one child can be accommodated on a path of a second traveler), and an open conduit (like a micro-truck) during a behind to lift products or some-more kids. Rural families transport on a backs of mini-trucks like this usually (This competence still happen.)

#6: A cost tab in a operation of Rs 2 lakh (on-road) and going upto Rs 3 lakh (which is a stream operation anyway) (The new pricing is some-more or reduction there).

#7: Tubeless tyres as a default choice to make a automobile con giveaway on punctures. (This competence be an choice on GenX)

#8: A diesel chronicle for farming areas; for city areas, mileage is not an issue, given it is meant to be a short-distance car. (This should be entrance soon.)

#9: Instant remuneration options by credit cards; present EMI options (without elaborate paperwork) like a approach smartphones are sole – involuntary acclimatisation of loans to EMIs. (It’s a matter of deals with banks.)

#10: A name change. The name Nano was a good one in 2008; currently it has a looks of a loser. It is not easy to reposition a crook with cosmetic changes and an aged name. A new name will assistance Tata Motors reinvent a height (GenX is a sub-brand on a Nano platform. It only competence work, yet a jury will be out compartment consumer feedback becomes positive).

My tummy feel is a new Nano GenX is a intensity winner. The Tatas will be anticipating we am right.