The Unofficial Facebook Advanced Search Engine

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Facebook doesn’t have an easy-to-use modernized hunt engine, so one man built his own. “Search Is Back” lets we use familiar drop-down menus to find people by city, attribute status, school, initial name, and more. Plus we can hunt for photos, events, posts, and other stuff.

What’s special here is that we don’t need to know Facebook’s difficult Graph Search terms like “Friends of Friends named Sarah who went to Stanford and work during Google”. Search Is Back turns your elementary menu selections into a correct URL and sends we to a hunt formula page on Facebook’s central site with no additional login required.

Unfortunately, a product customarily usually works for people in a US who have perceived a Graph Search rollout. One thing that helps is adjusting your Facebook denunciation environment to US English if we don’t use that already.

Facebook Advanced SearchSome examples of what we could use Search Is Back to hunt for include:

  • What people from your home city are singular and live in your stream city
  • Who your friends of friends are during a association with a pursuit you’re requesting for
  • Which friends live in a city you’re visiting
  • Who that chairman we met during a celebration was that was friends with your friend Dan and works during Google
  • All a photos tagged with dual sold people (not that you’d petiole your ex)
  • Events function tonight that your friends are invited to, so we can find something to do
  • Posts from friends about London, so we can get recommendations for a vacation
  • Friends in your city that Like a certain musician, so we can find people to go to a unison with

Search Is Back was built by Michael Morgenstern, a filmmaker from San Francisco who was fed adult with how tough it was to hunt Facebook.

Facebook declined my ask for criticism per Search Is Back. However, a tighten reading of a Platform Policies shows Facebook doesn’t technically prohibit how a site works.

The amicable network done a large understanding of a Graph Search underline for anticipating specific things behind in 2013, though regulating sentences instead of normal keywords confused people. In fact, Facebook VP of Search Tom Stocky told me in Oct that “the communication indication for hunt with these healthy denunciation phrases was not right for a mass audience.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 during 3.09.28 PM

So afterwards Facebook launched full-text post search, though that done Graph Searching even worse given Facebook would upset sentences for keywords. Facebook does have some modernized hunt features, though they’re separate adult and buried in uncanny places like a Find Friends apparatus and a sidebar options of old-school pre-Graph searches.

Michael Morgenstern

Search Is Back developer Michael Morgenstern

Morgenstern tells me “it sucked” how Facebook screwed adult search. So he “did a lot of poking around” to find out what Facebook URLs did what, and given Search Is Back doesn’t use Facebook’s API, it competence be harder to close down.

Like a loyal hacker, Morgenstern only wanted to play around with what was probable on a web that won’t work with mobile apps. He says “We’re relocating towards an app ecosystem where it’s not probable to build things like Search Is Back since all these apps are walled gardens. So in a failing days of open HTML web, it’s needed to build these collection and customize what people give us.”

Facebook competence find a approach to close down Search Is Back, though until then, it’s a giveaway and privacy-safe approach to find anything on Facebook with a elementary set of boxes.