The War on Gold and Silver Continues – Insanity Still Rules, But for How Long?

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War on Gold and Silver Continues - Insanity Still Rules

War on Gold and Silver Continues – Insanity Still Rules

The presentation of an astonishing BREXIT victory, followed by an even some-more doubtful event, a Trump presidential feat are a tusk of a tellurian elites carrying distant exceeded their [almost] unspoken, unchallenged order of a world, achieved mostly by determining a world’s money.

Money.  One of a many common disproportion in each language, nonetheless a smallest understood, and by welfare and pattern re a moneychangers.  We will residence “money” usually from a US perspective, not out of arrogance, though given income has a official clarification that has been incited upside down by a likes of Rothschilds and other banking elites.

We have been down this highway before, though people possibly do not get it, do not care, or are so woefully ignorant over salvation.  There is usually one form of income [also loyal via many of a universe though mislaid in globalization over so many decades], and that form is in bullion and silver.  The Coinage Act of 1792 determined china as a financial income of comment in a United States, and while a supervision and sovereign courts still exclude to acknowledge it, that law has never been overturned and still applies, [at smallest it is ostensible to apply.]

A US dollar is not a square of paper, such as what circulates now as fiat Federal Reserve Notes.  They are not Federal; there are no reserves; and they do not even accommodate a clarification of what a Note is.  Yet, [almost] everybody around a universe accepts a meaningless fiat, spending their lives operative for it, peaceful to steal, go to jail, even die for a fiat, all though a smallest thought of a disproportion between a official dollar of china and a “dollar” released by a unfamiliar banking cartel, a Federal Reserve.

A US dollar is the customary for all silver coins and shall include of 371 grains and 4/16ths partial of a pellet of pristine silver, or 416 grains of customary silver.

A Federal Reserve Note, released by a mafiosi conglomeration of unfamiliar bankers, is a debt instrument.  All so-called legal tender in this nation is debt.  Debt is a conflicting of money.  You can conclude a unfamiliar conglomeration for carrying upheld a Federal Reserve Act in Dec of 1913, in that a bankers finally took control of a income supply of a US, and incited a clarification of income upside down to a border few in this country, indeed a world, have a idea what official income is.

The biggest expansion and wealth in a US occurred in a 1800’s when bullion and china were the only form of money.  The biggest change began starting in Dec 1913, and only over a century later, a whole universe is awash in debt-considered-to be-money-but-is- not!  For anyone to contend there is not adequate bullion and china in a universe now to support a specie-backed banking is merely espousing landowner gibberish.  It all all a matter of price.  Plus, by regulating bullion and china backing, a income changers and a governments they control would be too compelled in a fiat paper income they emanate though any subsidy whatsoever.

Even with this brief, though totally accurate depiction of what income is, people cite to trust in a lie, that distortion being a biggest Ponzi intrigue ever, Federal Reserve Notes, debt instruments supposed as genuine money.  Fiction takes dominance over reality.  It is no opposite for a EuroZone, another forced-upon-the-people illusory Ponzi intrigue where unelected bureaucrats from Brussels foreordain European lives, to their detriment.

The draft next is a some-more stream depiction of a value of bullion and china as loyal income over anything else.  Note a cost fortitude between a arrows during a bottom of a chart, between 1865 and 1973, with a question, “WHY?”  The answer is deceptively simple: during that duration of time, oil was priced in gold!  In 1973, a banking cartel, by nonetheless another puppet-president, Nixon, sealed a bullion window.  The financial universe has never been a same since.

That duration of time also noted a investiture of a petrodollar as a world’s haven banking wherein all business sell had to be staid in fiat Federal Reserve Notes, some-more widely famous and supposed as a “dollar,” to this day.  Foreign countries now had to buy Treasury bills/bonds as their unfamiliar reserves.  Look during how a [unsustainable] expansion has risen.

Both charts from an glorious essay by Grant Williams, The Death Of The Petrodollar.

The tellurian banking conglomeration has been so cunningly false and so well-organized to lift off this implausible fraud on a universe to a border that many sojourn in a dim about their being financially nude by a moneychangers, all in sell for meaningless paper.

Europe has not finished any better.  According to Eurostat data, €213 billion of taxpayers’ income – homogeneous to a GDP of Finland and Luxembourg or some-more than 3 years of all troops expenditures of a Russian Federation – has been henceforth mislaid as a outcome of a several bailout packages in a EU. Statistics from a EC Directorate General for Competition prove that some-more than €1.5 trillion was used in opposite forms of rescue packages between 2008-2014.  In other words, bail out a bankers during a responsibility of people.

Source: The Bailout Business In a EU

Europeans can indicate fingers during and impugn President Trump all they want.  Every time anyone points finger during someone, there are still 3 some-more indicate behind during them.  What finished BREXIT and Trump probable is a stupidity of a universe in that we live.  The US has Trump.  Europe has Merkel and Brussels.

We would like to contend that Trump is during fight with a Deep [Political] State in a US, though in truth, it is a Deep State fighting for their non-Hillary existence in gripping their losing hold over this country, and by extension, Europe, a 51st State [of chaos].

When elite-puppet extreme, Barack Obama, upheld a massively costly and equally massively unsuccessful Obamacare, he secretly settled to a people of a US, “If we wish your benefaction healthcare, we can keep your healthcare.”  What a disaster.  With that explanation, maybe a European readers can conclude a identical disaster opposed them: “If we wish your refugees, we can keep your refugees!”  How has that been operative out for Germany and Sweden, among a horde of other countries losing their inhabitant temperament and incompetent to indicate a finger during a perpetrators.

Keep your Merkels and Brussels non-leaders.  What many Europeans destroy to comprehend is that as nonsensical as Trump might seem to them, he is a exhale of uninformed atmosphere in fighting a nazi state- tranquil sovereign government.  All of Europe have their collectives heads adult their donkey by permitting a drop of their possess nationality.

Whistleblowers, like Snowden and Assange have finished some-more to display a rapist espionage by all governments, nonetheless they are treated as criminals for their dauntless acts, while a CIA and a British government-run-amok wail their rapist espionage activities and their burglary of inhabitant temperament and leisure of their adults with parole and no fear of supervision reprisal.

It is this everlasting kaleidoscope of stupidity by universe leaders, [Trump, May, and Putin get a pass, for now] that those who have been shopping and holding bullion and china continue to doubt when will reason return[?], for when it does, both bullion and china prices will expected strech levels never seen before.

Who knew a hurtful bankers could keep their Ponzi schemes alive and functioning for so long, approach past a death dates of reason and reason.  We stopped perplexing to theory when reason would overcome behind in 2014, though we have never wavered in a self-assurance that one day, a tenure of earthy bullion and china will be a God-send to particular holders.

Speaking of rapist activity, where a “war on drugs” did zero some-more than criminalize vast numbers of Blacks and Latinos in this country, [yes, Whites, too, though to a distant obtuse degree], it has been a vast failure.  Now, we are about to rivet in a “war on cash,” where a offer criminalization of financial sell outward of banking cartel- tranquil system, as good as a criminalization of financial autonomy will all turn nonetheless another unsuccessful “war” opposite a people by a governments that presumably offer them, though not before infinite repairs is wreaked on a populations.

There is no transparent answer as to how a fight on bullion and china will work?  It will emanate some havoc, to be sure, though no supervision “war on ____” has nonetheless to work as intended. All we can contend is to sojourn solid in solve and keep your earthy bullion and china tighten and, as importantly, as private as we can.  Those though will be some-more than prepared to “turn in” those with, and substantially for some kind of diabolic reward, so be careful.

The charts, for us, are a best horizon for depicting where cost is headed, or not headed, as is now a ongoing conditions for bullion and silver.  If we demeanour during a weekly chart, it inescapably says cost stays sealed in a laterally move.  One day, there will be a breakout, though no time soon, as these charts suggest.

Gold W 11 Mar 17

It seemed that bullion was perplexing to make a matter for a upside, though a demeanour in that a marketplace was building was not that of an ceiling trending market, that bullion is not.

Gold D 11 Mar 16

What was pronounced for bullion binds loyal for silver.  The convene from a Dec 2016 lows was of tiny operation bars with small to no energetic rallies to a upside.  The largest bars are still those that are to a downside, and it is vast operation bars that uncover Ease Of Movement.

S W 11 Mar 17

Silver finished larger advance into a Nov “Trump” decline, not blaming him for it, though a growth of china has been somewhat agree relations to gold, and a Gold:Silver ratio is staying within a range, 71:1 – 68:1.  Nothing new to see here.

SI D 11 Mar 17





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